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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein

Lighting Control

One day at house with “smart” light

House, who himself manages his lighting: given the master script on and off lights and lamps lit at certain times of the evening light, at night the house itself off light in all rooms … This is not a fantasy or dream a reality. Because there is a “Smart House”, which intelligently manages all engineering systems at house, and especially lighting.

Morning in a house with “smart” light

The “smart” house coming morning (at precisely the time that you specify). Above the headboard, which sweetly sleeping hosts gradually illuminates, telling them about the occurrence of a new day. Curtains or blinds, as if by magic, open slowly, letting the room light. The hosts wake up and go to the bathroom. And there is no need to grope for the wall light switch, because there is a motion sensor. It will determine the presence of hosts, and the light will light itself. And when the owners leave the bathroom light goes out on their own.

Start the day at house with “smart” light

It’s time to run to work, go on business or for an important meeting. To leave, and lights are on in several rooms, there is no need obbegat the house to turn it off. At the touch of a button on the panel, which is located in the most convenient place for the hosts or in multiple locations, all the lights turned off at the same time.

Midday in the house with “smart” light

At noon, the house is unoccupied, the house life of its own. The hosts are missing, but they were not worried that their house might have something happen. The light is such that it appears that residents are at house.

Evening at house with “smart” light

Like every night at a certain time on the front porch light switched on. By car drove house owners. Leaving the car in the garage, they go on the porch leading to the track. In response to their presence automatically illuminates paths, paving their way to the house, and slowly fades behind them. In the corridor, including the soft light, warmly greeting the residents. The house team came house with friends. It’s time to arrange a joint viewing of the film. Guests sit comfortably watching TV, run a special light to view the film: the light is gradually extinguished, and when the movie ends, gradually lit. After the screening, the company moved into the living room to the bar. At the touch of a button on your host system includes a special coverage “Party”: dim lights, colored lights, like on the dance floor. It’s an unforgettable evening in the cozy “smart” house.

Night in the house with “smart” light

When the “smart” house the night, the lighting goes into sleep mode. Everywhere the lights go out. At the request of owners of soft muted lighting in the rooms will be included only if someone from the family wakes up and wants to go to the kitchen or another room.