Universal remote control

07 March 2021

Almost any modern household appliances have a remote control. A large number of remote controls can be replaced by one “smart” model.

The universal remote control is a device designed to provide comfort and connect the necessary devices to it.

The device of the universal remote control is a touch panel on which the names of the devices connected to it are indicated. The remote control has a set of standard buttons – for switching channels, adjusting the volume, setting the timer, and others.

Advantages of the universal remote control model

The universal remote device is characterized by the following advantages:

Choosing a universal remote control

Currently, there are many models of universal remote controls that support a variety of devices.

When choosing a model of a universal remote device, the following points should be taken into account:

In addition, you should consider how many devices the remote can support. As a rule, this is indicated by the manufacturer in the characteristics of the device. It is recommended to purchase a remote control with more devices than are currently available. This way you can avoid the inability to connect new devices.

Before purchasing a remote control model, you should familiarize yourself with the device options, for example, on the Internet, read information on various forums. In addition, you should hold the remote control in your hand and evaluate the convenience of use.

Types of universal remote control

When choosing a universal remote device, you should also take into account the type of remote control.

Pre-programmed models

This type of remote control is equipped with pre-loaded codes for household appliances. The disadvantage of such models is incompatibility with newly purchased devices and equipment, which has a code set unknown for the model of this remote control.

Intelligent models

Such remote control models initially have a database of preloaded codes, but you can also add codes of new devices indefinitely.


Setting up a universal remote control is quite simple. First, you need to carefully study the instructions and step-by-step actions.

The standard way is to use an infrared port. To do this, you need to activate a simple remote control designed for this device, and at the same time a universal one that will intercept the signal and remember the code used. The remote control must be configured one time, then the device will connect to the specified technique on its own.

A more modern solution would be to use the appropriate application. It should be borne in mind that this type of programming is possible with a modern model of a universal remote control that can receive codes via a smartphone or tablet.

There are no uniform settings for the universal remote control, each device and brand has its own algorithm of actions.

In conclusion

Replacing all the remote controls in the house with one device will help solve many problems. The main thing is to choose the right model of the universal remote control so that it is compatible with all home appliances.

The universal remote control is one of the functions of the MimiSmart smart home system, which is installed in combination with other functions of the smart system.


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