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Universal Remote

With remote control for life

Remember the movie “Click. With remote control for life “, where the hero was given a universal remote wonder who could control not only all the appliances in the house, but the people, and even life situations? Universal remote systems “Smart House” is, of course, can not stop the clock or unwind it forward, but he also knows quite a few. Only took him in hand and try out, you’ll wonder how they lived all this time without a “magic wand” that performs almost any desire to master.

I wish you a wonder-console instead of the usual pile!

Now you do not need to heap all sorts of consoles from house appliances to seek necessary, forgetting what a panel of the instrument, because all the mountain replaces one – universal, “smart” control panel, judging by his almost limitless possibilities, it is – simply prodigy! Such control can easily cope with the management of any appliance in the house, in short, everything that is included in the outlet. At the touch of a button you start or work any machinery otkorrektiruete in the house. “Smart” panel will be an indispensable companion for house owners.

I wish you the most modern and fashionable console!

Our universal remote is a color touch panel with a large screen (25 cm diagonal) and the panel with a smaller screen (10 cm diagonal).
They can be hung on the wall, and can be moved from room to room. Panels are installed on the mill in one or several of the most convenient locations in the house.
You can put the panel, for example, near the front door. Then, entering the house, you can immediately click on a button panel that runs the
“house owners”: Sets the TV to the appropriate channels include favorite music, preparing a hot coffee. In general, there may be any action at your discretion.
Or you can move the panel in the place where it is needed. The panels have a huge memory, which allows you to manage all the complex infrastructure of “smart” house.

I wish the control panel easy to manage!

A light touch of the screen panel selects the host device, the work you want to adjust, and set it. When you click on the signal wi-fi is transmitted to an infrared transmitter, which in turn sends it to the necessary equipment in the house. Technology receives a signal and starts working the way it wanted to host.
A huge plus, that does not need to specifically point the remote at the desired device to enable or disable it, it can be done while in any room of the house.

I wish the board, which captures everything on the fly!

If the “Smart House” does not know how to operate some appliances in the house – it’s not a problem. After all, you have a “smart” remote that learns itself, seizing everything on the fly.
By studying how the normal to the instrument panel, console remembers all his actions in the future can repeat them. Suppose you need to train a universal remote control TV.
No big deal. On the panel press the training, take an ordinary TV remote and use it to turn on the television.
“Smart” board reads this effect and contributes to the system memory as a function of “turning on the TV.” Then a “smart” panel studying how to change channels, etc.
After such an informative “lesson” universal remote controls your TV yourself. The same principle is “smart” remote copying the work of any ordinary remote control from any device in the house.

I wish you all the one-touch control!

Now you see that with such a “magic wand” as a universal remote can control any action and the function of every electrical appliance in the house at the touch of a finger to the desired button on the toolbar. Entangled in its instructions is not possible, since it has a Russian menu and convenient user interface.
Without a universal remote, indeed, as no arms. It is he who makes life at house is really convenient and comfortable.
The owner is surrounded by the comfort and feel completely safe.

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