Video surveillance

07 March 2021

“Smart” video surveillance on the guard of your home

Often you have had the feeling that something might happen in your house, did not give you rest throughout the working day, and you could not get rid of it, and to get home to check it out – there was no way. Now, with the Smart Home video surveillance system, you will know what is happening at your home, in your absence, and control every corner of the home, wherever you are.

Camera, motor!!!

With the Smart Home video surveillance system» you can feel like a real Hollywood director.

Now you can safely leave your child with a babysitter, and at the end of the day, view what they did throughout the day. The system can work all day, recording every minute of the “life” of your home, or, at your request, it will be put into standby mode, and the cameras will be triggered only by movement. In this case, the system will record a separate video clip at a certain time interval: 15 seconds before the start of the movement and another 30 seconds after. Data from the sensors is sent to the security system, which decides whether to send a signal to the control panel, turn on the light alarm or notify the owner.

The All-seeing Eye

The system monitors not only the internal “life” of your home, but also the area around it. Now, you’ll know exactly who’s stealing your morning paper! Let’s say you are still asleep, someone came to your porch and took the newspaper-the cameras instantly turned on and recorded this moment. After that, they immediately transmitted the signal to you on the panel or on the TV, depending on the settings, and displayed exactly the moment of movement. This is very convenient. After all, you, for example, do not need to sleepily look for which camera the signal came from.
The video surveillance system has a large memory. The so-called archive will store photos and videos of all your visitors. The archive volume is enough for several weeks of continuous recording from all security cameras or for a year, recording only the moments of movement.

Attention, light!

The video surveillance system is always on the alert. You can sleep peacefully at night, and each camera will record any movement in the house and on the territory of the house. If someone appears on the territory, the cameras will immediately record his presence, a light signal will work, that is, the intruder will immediately be in the zone of bright light and in the center of attention of all cameras. From the cameras and sensors, the signal will be sent to the panel, and the owner will see a video fragment exactly with the moment when the cameras or sensors are triggered.

Smile, you are being filmed

The Smart Home video surveillance system has a function for determining the type of object. The cameras can distinguish between a person, a dog, or a car. If the sensors react to your favorite dog, the system will determine that there is no danger from him, and will not bother you. If an uninvited guest has entered your house, it will immediately signal you about it.

Remote ” caretaker»

The Smart Home video surveillance system provides a very useful function-a remote operator. If your home is in security mode (everyone has gone to work, gone on vacation or a business trip), the operator will monitor your home around the clock, monitoring everything that happens in it, and, if necessary, taking the necessary security measures. Or, a remote “caretaker” can only track the moments when the motion sensors are triggered and, if there are any violations, will give a signal to the remote control or send a call to the owner. Such careful monitoring nullifies all false alarms of the sensors.

Video surveillance of the “smart” house will protect the owner’s peace around the clock. You will always be aware of what is happening in your home, and you will be able to sleep in peace, because the Smart Home system is on guard for your peace of mind


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