Video surveillance

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The safety of a residential object is of no small importance. This is especially true when there is no one in the house. The modern rhythm of life forces adults to go to work, children to school or kindergarten. Most of the day there is no one in the room, so strangers can enter it.

The Smart Home program works in automatic mode and monitors the security level of the room every second. The video surveillance system tracks all movements around the apartment, records them and transmits them to the mobile device of the owner of the house.


The Smart Home system consists of video cameras and a monitor that displays video shooting in real time. She:

  1. It works in automatic mode.
  2. Sends a signal to the control panel.
  3. Turns on the alarm.
  4. Notifies the owner online.

Video surveillance, in accordance with a given command, can work around the clock or be in standby mode. Round-the-clock surveillance allows you to shoot in all areas of the house both day and night. This is especially true if there is a servant or a nanny in the house. The round-the-clock monitoring mode will allow the owner of the house to see their actions in real mode.

The operation of the video camera in standby mode allows you to record individual episodes while objects are moving. In this case, the video equipment turns on 15 seconds before the object starts moving and turns off within thirty seconds after it stops. All isometric data from video cameras are sent to the Smart Home system, which independently decides how best to process them.

Protection of the territory

The Smart Home program is responsible not only for security inside the premises, but also outside it around the house territory. Video cameras are placed:

Outdoor shooting is carried out in real mode at any time of the day or night. The camera reacts to the movement of the object and instantly captures it. This allows you to see everything that is happening around the house and behind its gates. The owner of the house can sleep, and the video surveillance camera is working at this time and captures all extraneous movements.

Security sensors send information to the Smart Home system, which processes it and displays it on the screen of the remote control or mobile device of the owner of the house. Video surveillance is conducted from many cameras that transmit information to the control panel of the system. All video material is stored in the archive, fixed by the date and time of the shooting.

Light signal

Security systems reliably protect the object at any time of the day or night. They record any movements around the house with the help of a bright, light signal. A beam of bright light is directed at a moving object, and the intruder is under its sight. The camera instantly captures the image of the object and directs it to the control panel of the Smart Home program. She instantly processes the video and sends this material for viewing to the owner of the house.

Degree of danger

The Smart Home video surveillance system can determine the degree of danger of an object. Security sensors react to the movement of any objects. They transmit this information to the Smart Home device, which processes it and determines the degree of danger of the object. This applies to pets or vehicles that just passed or drove past the house. The system bothers the owner of the household only when an intruder enters the house territory or the house itself.

Remote security mode

The Smart Home software includes the function: “Remote Operator”. This option of the system allows you to protect a residential object around the clock. This service is especially relevant in a number of cases when the residents of the house:

  1. They went to work.
  2. They went on vacation.
  3. We went on a business trip.

This system will monitor the operation of all electrical household appliances, turn on and off the lighting at the right time, monitor the safety of the house. All signals from the sensors will be processed by the Smart Home program and sent as a report to the mobile device of its owner.


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