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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
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In the embrace of video and audio

Imagine a place where you from all sides surrounded by your favorite music, where in every corner of your first request includes favorite movie, or a commemorative video of an important family event, where on any screen you can view your photos. Now imagine that all this – your own house, “smart” house with multiroom system. 

Multi-room – a system that takes video and audio from any source in the house (TV, stereo, DVD, TV-tuner, Blu-ray (digital media for storing high-quality data), a computer) and distributes them around the house. From any room, you may wish to listen to favorite songs, watch videos, and no matter where the source signal. A control can all be comfortable with the touchpad. And no need to clutter up the house all sorts of wires, speakers, record players, compact all equipment collected in just one place house. It may be, for example, a house theater or other room that suits you.

Raining music, music, music

Your house becomes a real music box. You will create in each room a unique musical background, fill your house with originality and relaxed atmosphere. And all thanks to multi-room system. In the morning you’ll wake up with your favorite music that will accompany you in the bathroom, locker room, the staircase and the kitchen will be replaced broadcasting. In the evening the house will meet you again enjoyable musical motifs to provide you with comfort and good rest. You decide what tune to play, with a volume in which rooms on which days and at what time.
Multiroom system stores a library of music tracks and movies of different genres and times, convenient Composed music and kinopodborki for every taste. You simply choose what meets your mood, and enjoy all the notes of the musical background of your “smart” house.

A great movie in house theater

House Theatre – an integral part of the modern house. And in the “smart” house with a system of multi-room house theater turns into a professional movie theater. At the touch of a button on the toolbar, you run the script “Cinema” and everything you need – it’s comfortably settle into your favorite chair. A multiroom will make sure that your house cinema show was truly memorable. The room gradually extinguished the light, adjust the sound drops projector. And for two hours you are transported into the world of cinema.
Multi-display video on any screen in the house. For example, you decide to watch a movie in the living room, but tired, and decided to go into the bedroom. You can send video to the screen in the bedroom and continue watching the movie, already lying in a comfortable bed.
View a TV is also becoming much more comfortable and “reasonable.” Multiroom allows you to select the desired channel from anywhere in the house, adjust the video picture and sound, write down any favorite program or movie and make them to your video library multiroom.

“Smart” family album

What could be better than a pleasant evening spent with family, full of comfort and spiritual union? Evening over a cup of hot chocolate with fun family games and entertainment? How nice that he always ends up viewing photos from the family archives. Surprisingly, you do not need to run a lengthy, just unsupportable photo album, which brings together the brightest family photos, or rummage through the pile drive with photos. In the system of multi-room all of your selected photos are collected on one carrier and are divided into albums. With one click on the control panel you run the desired photo viewing on any screen in the house, even on house theater projector.

On one of the “smart» FM-wave

Tenants ‘smart’ houses can easily switch the radio from any room in the house. At your request the radio broadcast can be recorded, and then listen to a more convenient
time. With this you can stop listening, or rewind back to the song you like and listen to it again.

Always Connected

What would you say if your “smart” house thanks to multi-can be easily set up a system of internal communication between rooms? No need to shout from one end of the house to another, to call someone in the family. Just press one button on the panel, and contact with relatives. Or you can also establish a special regime baby monitor: out of every room you can hear everything that happens in the nursery.
You will always know if you perhaps to visit, multi-room will tell you a pleasant phone call, and displays video from a doorphone to any screen in the house. The system will alert you if someone calls you on the phone or received a new electronic message, alert signal of a special emergency.

“Smart” multi-save money

The system creates the perfect quality of sound and video and sends it to all the rooms of the house. In this case you do not need to buy for each room a separate apparatus, only one high-quality professional set of equipment to be used for all rooms of the house.
Thanks to the multi you can significantly reduce the cost of audio and video devices. A sound and picture quality will increase by several times, as your entertainment system will be equipped with the latest technology.

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