Swimming pool

In recent years, many Ukrainians have been installing swimming pools on their plots. Such a structure helps to relax and take a break from the busy schedule of the day. The Smart Home system allows you to take care of the pool more efficiently in remote mode. The company “MimiSystems” is engaged in the development of electronic individual systems for home maintenance.


The company “MimiSystems” offers its customers to automate the main functions of home management. The “Smart Home” system allows customers to save significant funds on the arrangement of:

  1. Electrical wiring.
  2. Water supply systems.
  3. Water supply systems.
  4. Sewers.
  5. Lighting systems.
  6. Mobile communications.

All communications of the Smart Home system are controlled from the control panel using special buttons. This system performs all the work in an independent mode, monitors the safety of property, fire safety of the object, turns on the lighting at a set time, heats the water in the pool to the desired temperature.


The “Smart home” system fully serves the pool in automatic mode according to a given program. Its functions include:

A special program allows you to choose the most optimal mode of operation. The client sets the parameters of water heating to the desired temperature, sets the date and time, determines the zones of water heating in the pool. Using the application on your phone, you can adjust the humidity of the air, turn on the heating of the recreation area adjacent to the pool. Heating of the coating near the pool is very convenient if a person wants to walk around it barefoot.

Monitoring of equipment

The Smart Home system is engaged in full control of the maintenance equipment in the pool. She independently monitors the serviceability:

  1. Filters.
  2. Filters.
  3. Water heating systems.

Its functions also include the elimination of blockages, removal of leaks, timely replacement and cleaning of filters. In particularly difficult cases, when the Smart Home system can not cope with the maintenance of the pool itself, it displays all the malfunctions on the device monitor.

Swimming pool in summer

The pool is especially in demand in the summer, when it is hot and stuffy outside. The system regulates the water temperature and makes it as comfortable as possible. Under the influence of the sun, water evaporates from the pool. The system will automatically fill up the volume to the desired level.

If the pool is not used for a long time, then a special dome protects it from dust and dirt. This unique system allows you to manage the pool from any mobile device online. Its owner can set the time and temperature of water heating in remote mode in advance.


The swimming pool in a private house is a place for the whole family to relax. Here I want to:

  1. Spend a lot of time.
  2. Spend a lot of time.
  3. Invite friends.
  4. Spend holidays.

The Smart Home system monitors the purity of water and compliance with the temperature regime. On the panel of this unique device there are buttons with different commands that allow you to make your vacation a comfortable, bright and unforgettable event.

There are different event scenarios on the control panel. For example, the “Party” function allows you to create a bright and effective spectacle. The system includes fountains with a cloud of spray, selects the appropriate music, creates a spectacular and bright illumination around the pool from multi-colored lanterns.

The “Rest” function includes quiet, calm music, creates the effect of a gentle murmur of water, warms it to a comfortable temperature. The combination of quiet music and the gentle murmur of water creates a calming effect. Such a rest in the pool is especially relevant after a hard working day, when you want silence and relaxation. Additional installation of lighting in the pool will make the bathing area a real small SPA resort.


The Smart Home system has many advantages. Here are the main ones:

This system independently opens the blinds during the day and closes them at nightfall. At night, she covers the surface of the pool with a special coating and turns off its heating. This allows you to save electricity and will have a beneficial effect on the family budget.


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