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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
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The owner of the house, can sleep peacefully!

Even hundreds of miles from his house you do not care for his safety, because the house security system, “Smart House” as a reliable and loyal watchdog, protecting it from unwanted visitors. 

You wake up, fall asleep and sleep through the night with a calm smile, you are always confident in the safety of their child, even if you are not house, you will be happy to relax in the garden, enjoying the peace, comfort and serenity, you know that your house – really your castle . All this because the “smart” house is equipped with intelligent protection. Safety is absolutely all facilities at house and outdoors territory – under the strict control of security system, “Smart House”.Therefore, the owner is always aware of what is happening in his house.

Sensors – Protection

A huge role in creating a safe and secure atmosphere in the house are all kinds of sensors that provide security both within the house and outside. Without them, it is impossible to provide security system and house territory next to him.
Sensors opening doors and windows. The task of these sensors to report to the central panel of any attempt to penetrate through the doors and windows. When you commit such intrusion sensor transmits sound, light or voice signal, and notifies the owner. Light or voice signals deter violators, they will not have the slightest desire to tempt fate.
Motion sensors. Inside the house, as well as on the perimeter of the house, be sure to set motion sensors. With their help,security system, “Smart House” prevents the penetration of the territory of the house. If the sensor is triggered, the owner immediately to find out. For example, if uninvited guests attempt to come to your fence or climb over it, he immediately turns a bright light to illuminate as much as possible the offender, and that the cameras filmed him clearly. The offender will immediately understand that with such protection be trifled with. This is completely discourage hunt him break your peace and security.
Profitable, but that its security system uses sensors and all those that are already installed in your house and the grounds. For example, if the yard you have motion sensors for lighting paths, then the security system quite successfully uses for its own purposes and.

Sensors – “smart” protection

All the signals that pass sensors, including the recording of security cameras mandatory entered into the system memory so that the owner could always see when and which sensor was transmitted signal. Maintain such control is possible even via a mobile phone or computer at any convenient time for the host and in any place.
The system of “smart house” very closely with the CCTV system , fulfilling a common function – to protect and preserve the security of your house. Thanks to video surveillance in the security system is always complete information on all subjects that fall in the area of ​​house security and surveillance system will inform of any slightest movement in and around the house with him to the camera to shoot the right moments.
Also, sensors can monitor their own on and off. For example, you leave the house, the system informs you that some of the rooms open window, you have decided not to close it. In this case, sensor open the window shut, and motion sensors in the room will be transferred to a lower sensitivity to avoid false alarms due to fluctuations in the curtains. Each sensor may have its own level of sensitivity, so it does not react, for example, at the slightest vibration or pets.

Halt, who goes there?

A loyal friend and defender – a system of “smart house” – to warn his master of the approach of unwanted guests to the gate or fence at house. To do this, set the laser or capacitive system for perimeter protection of the house. And for any uninvited visitors approaching the system will react the way you want it: for example, would dramatically turn on the lights or beep. This will scare away intruders.
Also, if you wish on any monitor in the house will be output movie operation of a sensor.
Very convenient option to view the active zones. The panel displays a detailed map of all the premises of the house, and on it are highlighted in different colors so-called active zones. That is, those places where the last period of time (1, 5, 10 minutes) had some kind of movement, etc. The color depends on the time zone where there is a movement. For example, you think that the bottom was a noise, you can quickly see the active zones, and find out what happened there.


Even if your house to penetrate a suspicious subject, you can always file an alarm, just press a special button on each panel in the house. Button sends an alarm to the central security and assistance calls. In this case your “Wedding Crashers” does not even suspect that you have already reported it to the appropriate authority.

His or someone else?

Reading about the motion sensors and other “frills” security system “intelligent” house, you may well wonder how the system knows to whom to respond, and to whom – no? After all, you can also move around the house at night, for example, a glass of water or a cup of tea. Is this a case of no alarm is triggered? Apparently not. After all, security system and then on “smart” security system to “know” her and “scare” others. For example, if the occupants are sleeping peacefully in their own bedrooms, but at this point in the house from the street penetrates the attacker, the system works instantly and will take all necessary measures for its removal. And if someone from the family members come down from her bedroom down to the kitchen, the system “learns” the owner and no response will not follow.

With a security system, “Smart House” host can truly be at peace for his family, his house and property. You will feel safe and at night to sleep soundly and peacefully without worrying that someone might disrupt your peaceful, cozy atmosphere at house.

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