Electrical appliance management

“Smart Home” is a universal remote control for devices, including devices for various purposes. A heater or air conditioner, a boiler or extractor hood, an electric stove or freezer, heating a sauna or watering a lawn, lighting in a room or in a yard can be equally effectively controlled from one center.

And you can manage all of them without leaving your place. The control of electrical appliances in the “smart home” in the MimiSmart system is carried out remotely using a smartphone, tablet or wall device. Even after leaving the house, remote switching off of lights, air conditioning, TV and other equipment is not a problem. The smart home system also supports voice control of electrical devices!

The smart home appliance controller provides not only the ability to turn on and off appliances, but also to monitor the current state of electrical appliances. For example:

  1. During work, it is easy to check whether the light or iron is turned off in the apartment using a smartphone or computer.
  2. At the same time, you can check the TV and computer – if they are working, perhaps instead of going to school, the child preferred to stay at home.
  3. “Smart home” allows you not only to control such situations, but also to remotely disconnect unnecessary devices using relays and “smart” sockets.

It is not difficult to buy remote control of devices, but the smart home can do much more – create and execute various scenarios for the operation of devices. For example, let’s take a scenario in which we want to control the level of lighting in our apartment. The project will correspond to what the TV displays on the screen. Thanks to this, you can create an interesting environment that will give the room an interesting atmosphere immediately after the launch of the home theater. 

In addition, the automated lighting control system makes lighting not only more comfortable, but also more economical. “Smart home” will automatically turn off the lights in rooms where there is no one. Thus, the cost of automated lighting control in a “smart home” quickly pays off due to the electricity saved in this way.

What are the main possibilities of using the MimiSmart system for an energy-saving home?

A very important concept used when implementing a smart home system is energy efficiency. Optimal control of all electrical devices, as well as the heating and air conditioning system, allows you to significantly save financial resources.

By dividing the entire electrical installation into several sections, we can configure the system so that when leaving the house, the refrigerator and washing machine are turned on, and the iron and all devices in standby mode (with a burning stand – diode) are disconnected from the power source.

House with decorative lighting

One of the most important functions used in a smart home system is to control the lighting of the entire building. It consists in controlling a variety of lighting circuits with the ability to adjust the lighting power of selected lamps. Such circuit programming is usually called a light scene. Imagine that you are returning home after a day of absence. When approaching the building, the external lighting turns on. Once inside, the motion sensor turns on the hall lighting.

One touch of a button turns on the lighting in the kitchen, in the living room, dining room and on the stairs. When moving to the next part of the house, the lighting of other rooms automatically turns on. The same thing happens when you leave the house. Pressing one button in the hall will turn off the lighting in the entire house, and the light in the lobby will automatically turn off after the front door is closed. The light intensity can also be adjusted depending on the time of day. It is worth reducing the lighting in the night part of the house, so as not to dazzle with bright light during a walk to the bathroom.


A few years ago, remote control of household appliances was considered a fantasy of the distant future. But today the “smart home” system from MimiSmart and automatic control of electrical appliances are available to literally everyone!


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