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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
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Office appliances

What can be done sitting in a chair?

It would seem not so much. Well, for example, read a book, watch a movie, drink coffee, talk on the phone. But there are the lucky ones who can turn on or off any appliance in the house without getting up from your favorite chair. Who are these people who have psychic abilities? No, this is the happy owner of the “Smart House”, which manages the appliances in the house.

Control any single-scan technique with

TV, iron, washing machine and dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, electric heater – all appliances in the house may be subject to one-click buttons on the control panel. To do this, all sockets in the house are connected into a single network and are subject to “Smart House”, which easily manages the entire group of electrical devices and each device separately. One click on a convenient and clear panels, and you enable or disable your desired device or group of devices, set up their smooth and safe operation. This saves you from throwing daily from instrument to instrument on and off, or to find out whether all works fine? In addition, the appliances can be controlled from a distance, for example, via mobile phone. If you forgot on the stove preparing dinner and do not turn it off, do not worry. Just unplug the stove through a mobile phone and all!


Techniques include scenario

You can program the system to activate or deactivate any unit at a specific time. In the morning at exactly the specified time will include tea, coffee maker, steamer. Very handy in the evening lay in the steamer required products, in the morning she turns on and off over a specified time. Waking up and walking to the kitchen, you get a ready-made hot breakfast and a cup of coffee. Or the system itself may include electric heater for an hour before you came house to a house for your arrival was a comfort, warmth and comfort.

Control access to devices

If, for example, do not want your child to watch TV after 21:00, you can configure the system so that it will shut down the outlet, which includes a TV, at 21:00. And you will be calm for your child.

Turn off appliances, not getting up

When you are away from house, “Smart House” prudent de-energizes the electrical outlet. You only need to click on the control panel of a button “Turn off all appliances.” And no need to run before going on around the house, recalling the feverish, and whether you have forgotten something off. Or you can pre-configure the system to automatically de-energizing outlets at certain times. For example, every night at 24.00 in the house will automatically be de-energized outlet, turning off appliances (except for some, such as a refrigerator), and the morning of the system itself will include them again in exactly the specified time. The system itself is time to turn off unused devices, or control the load power. That way, you’ll not only feel safe, but also save electricity.

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