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Although many people in Ukraine have already used the opportunity to install a smart home system, many still have not even heard about the possibilities of this modern technological solution. The growing popularity of the system, an increase in the number of companies installing such systems, as well as expanding access to the assortment necessary for their work. One of such companies is “MimiSmart Smart Home”

Smart Home is a technologically advanced system of statistics for accounting and monitoring the consumption of all resources, which combines various home systems – electricity, gas, heating, multimedia, security, etc. Its main feature is a very easy adaptation to the needs of the household.

The smart building works as it is programmed in advance, and you can make changes to the system at any time with a few simple settings. Of course, everything is fully automated and intuitive. In many cases, the system settings can be controlled using a smartphone and get statistics on the total consumption of your life support resources!

Can a smart home save you money?

A smart home is a system thanks to which we can save on bills! The settings for electricity, gas and heat consumption are designed in such a way as to be optimal for each family member. Of course, they take into account weather conditions, time of day and time of year. This automatically reduces the amount of our bills. It is estimated that thanks to the “smart home” system, electricity and heating costs are reduced by up to 50%!

The smart home system gives us access to monitoring consumption, for example:

This option significantly helps to control the consumption of individual elements, facilitating savings on bills. Direct access to monitoring of consumption statistics also allows you to quickly detect possible malfunctions in the operation of these systems.

Saving energy at home is important for a number of reasons – it is useful not only for the planet, but also for your wallet. Moreover, you can also make all payments without leaving your home.

When you don’t control how much energy you consume, your monthly energy bills bear the brunt. One of the ways to ensure maximum energy savings at home is to use smart home devices. Using the right smart products in your home can help you better control your appliances, be aware of your usage, and save money.

Smart home construction: cost and payback

There are many devices and appliances for a smart home available on the market; from consoles, to lamps, refrigerators, televisions, kettles and heating devices that can work independently. As technologies improve, the capabilities of these elegant devices will also grow. Moreover, there are no restrictions here, and any property can be smart, regardless of whether you live in an apartment or in a five-bedroom house.

Can a smart meter save you money?

A smart meter can help you monitor your individual energy consumption and get more information about your consumption, and the introduction of a smart meter at the national level makes the energy system more efficient.

By installing a smart meter in your home, you will get an automatic reading of the meter readings. Yes, you read it correctly: you no longer need to bother with sending us manual meter readings every month. You can say goodbye to checking accounts, because the readings sent to us by your smart meter will reflect your exact usage, and thanks to this, you will get a more accurate bill.

Moreover, these smart devices come with a home display (IHD) that shows your energy consumption and expenses in UAH. So you can easily monitor your consumption in real time. A better understanding of how you use energy will open the way for you to find ways to save energy at home and save on bills in the long run.


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