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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
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All-inclusive, all considered!

You – the owner of your own house: a large or not, but its very comfortable and house. This is wonderful! But how did you deliver a hassle monthly accounting costs of gas, electricity, water, etc.? Then there is the regular completion and payment of various platezhek, and after you wonder, why so much money is spent on utility costs. Here was the man who would do it all for us, or not a person but for example, the house itself. Unrealistic? Quite feasible with “Smart House”.

“Smart” controller

Keeping statistics of consumption of all resources “smart” house much easier life of its inhabitants. Constantly monitor the consumption of gas, electricity, water, heat. All these data capture special sensors send information after the general system of governance, and the panel displays the entire picture of the consumption of utility resources for the selected period. You can also look at power consumption by individual devices or groups of each appliance individually. The system displays not just a “dry” numbers, it shows statistics on consumption in tables, graphs, charts, etc.
This makes it possible to effectively use all the resources of “smart” house and save money its inhabitants.

Not maiden memory

“Smart house” is a continuous monitoring of resource consumption by all the subsystems of the house. This information is permanently stored in the memory management system and displayed on a screen panel at the touch of a button. Want to know which of the subsystems of the house and how much resources consumed on the last Friday which was the temperature in the house, humidity, etc.? Please select a date on the panel and the desired device or subsystem, and view statistics. We can analyze the operation of any equipment at house and, if necessary, adjust the settings and the amount of resources consumed. The database stores information on each and every element of the “Smart House”. It’s very simple and convenient!

Where the money goes?

This issue does not bother the tenants ‘smart’ houses. Because through such a sensitive monitoring of consumption of resources (water, gas, electricity) you know the exact answer. Looking through the consumption statistics periodically, you know, on what device and how much resource is spent. Can be challenged to adjust system consumption by various devices, if you decide that they “eat” too much.

To pay the bills without leaving house

The control system of resource consumption, “Smart House” can not and such. It can be configured so that it will form a self-payment system for gas, electricity or water, and promptly pay for services, such as the Internet. You forget that once made it their own. All that is needed – is to periodically review the statistics of consumption on the control panel to make sure everything runs smoothly, without wasting unnecessary resources.

Maintaining statistics and control of resource consumption in the “smart” house – a simple, but the real important task to help maintain security in the house and save costs. All-in-aid for the owner and comfort the whole family.

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