07 March 2021

All inclusive, all inclusive!

You are the owner of your own home: big or not so big, but your own, very cozy and native. That’s great! But how much trouble does the monthly accounting of gas, electricity, water, etc., cause you? Then, this is the regular filling out and payment of all sorts of bills, and then-you wonder why so much money is spent on utility costs. Here would be a person who would do all this for us, or not a person, but for example, the house itself. Unreal? It is quite possible-with the “Smart Home” system.

“Smart” controller

Keeping statistics on the consumption of all the resources of a “smart” home greatly facilitates the life of its inhabitants. Constant monitoring of gas, electricity, water, and heat consumption is carried out. All this data is recorded by special sensors, then sent to the general control system, and the panel displays the entire picture of the consumption of utility resources for the period you selected. You can also view the electricity consumption of individual groups of devices or each electrical appliance separately. The system displays not just ” dry ” figures, it shows consumption statistics in tables, graphs, charts, etc.
This makes it possible to effectively use all the resources of a “smart” home and save money for its inhabitants.

Not a girl’s memory

The Smart Home system continuously monitors resource consumption by all subsystems of the home. This information is permanently stored in the control system memory and is displayed on the panel screen at the touch of a button. Do you want to know which of the subsystems of the house and how many resources were consumed last Friday, what was the temperature in the house, the humidity level, etc.? Please select the date and the desired device or subsystem on the panel, and-see the statistics. You can analyze the operation of any equipment at home and, if necessary, adjust the settings and the amount of resources consumed. The database stores information about the operation of all elements of the Smart Home system, without exception. Everything is very simple and convenient!

Where does the money go?

This question does not bother the residents of “smart” homes. Because thanks to such scrupulous control of the consumption of all resources (water, gas, electricity), you know the exact answer to it. By periodically reviewing the consumption statistics, you understand which device is being used and how many resources are being spent. You can instruct the system to adjust the consumption of certain devices, if you decide that they “eat” too much

Pay your bills from the comfort of your home

The Smart Home resource consumption control system can do much more than that. It can be configured in such a way that it will independently form a payment for gas, light or water and pay for services in a timely manner, for example, via the Internet. You will forget that you ever did it yourself. All you need to do is periodically review the consumption statistics in the control panel to make sure that everything works smoothly, without wasting unnecessary resources.

Keeping statistics and monitoring resource consumption in a smart home is a simple but really important task that helps to maintain security in the home and save costs. All to help the owner and for the comfort of the whole family.


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