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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
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Smart house control

Control, “Smart House” can even child

With the advanced touchpad control, “Smart House” – is not just a mundane task, it is interesting fascinating process that delivers maximum comfort and pleasure.

At the mere mention of “Clever House” before us is a bit too high-tech painting. House with lots of megaintellektualnyh functions, to understand which can only be a child prodigy. But the reality is far from true, as all ingenious is simple. And management of the “Smart House” is so simple that it quickly mastered even a child.

With ultra-modern fashion touch panel to manage the house nice and easy

It is so convenient and comfortable as your house and all its functions and systems are subject to you, any of your wishes and requirements. And you manage all this kingdom is very simple – with easy-to-use touch panels. This is a valuable design with modern design, sophisticated, with virtually limitless possibilities.

This panel contains in itself, literally, all the technical structure of the house, and only one touch you start the work of a house system, certain equipment, etc. After the panel, you can easily control the lighting in any room at house and at local area, all appliances , climate , ventilation , in general, all engineering systems of your house.

The panel has a simple user-friendly intuitive interface with Russian schematic picture of your house, where all devices are marked and listed all available options and scenarios. All this makes the management of “smart” house simple and convenient.

A whole world of entertainment – in one panel

Your touch pad – it is not only a reliable assistant in the management of “Smart House”, but also a collection of entertainment. Will not be bored. It replaces and a music player, computer and game console. The book contains a large collection of your favorite music, one touch you select the desired song, and enjoy superb sound quality. And if you do not know how to stop ringing, simply select the music genre, and the house will sparkle with pleasant music.

Using the control panel you get in this game world, where you can relax and unwind with a fun game. To your attention an excellent collection of the latest and most exciting computer games, as well as the opportunity to supplement this collection of your favorite games. But are not limited to the possibility of the panel. Go online, view videos, check e-mail and more than 300 000 applications – all through simple and user-friendly touch panel.

Look for a house even away from it

Even if you’re away from house, on vacation or simply a short-lived away, you can still see what’s happening in your house. It wasn’t Keller.” It’s very simple: a mobile phone (smartphone). On your phone installed application “Smart House” with exactly the same interface as on the touch panel. And you will have access to all management functions of “Smart House”. Or from any computer connected to the Internet via a browser with exactly the same interface as on the panel. You can control and over a normal mobile phone using SMS.

When he left, we can take the panel with him. It is convenient and compact. It has a GSM-and wifi-ins, so
manage “smart” house easily from any place where there is coverage of mobile operators or wifi-internet. Enough battery power up to 10 hours of active use and a few weeks of standby time.

Thus, any distance are erased, you always feel the warmth of house and are sure that housing and family safe.

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