The MiMiSmart software and hardware complex provides management of systems of devices capable of performing actions and solving tasks without human intervention. The heating system, controlled by MiMiSmart, will allow you to maintain a comfortable microclimate, using energy resources efficiently.

What problems does installing MiMiSmart solve?

In the absence of an automated system, you can only control the operation of heating elements – radiators, underfloor heating, air conditioning, boiler in manual mode. Using MiMiSmart allows you to solve the following problems:

How MiMiSmart works

The heating system control system consists of:

Any temperature fluctuations are detected by sensors that transmit data to the climate controller connected to all devices. The logical device processes the received information and compares its values with the values that were set by the user. Based on the comparison results, the controller sends commands to the servos:

A similar scheme is used to change the settings of underfloor heating, fan coil, as well as snowmelt and anti-icing systems.

In addition to controlling the elements of the heating system, the controller broadcasts an interface that is available on mobile devices. The Internet connection provides remote control of the heating system settings.

Heating control

With MiMiSmart, you can create and change heating scenarios, specifying the time and days of the week, both in the entire house and in selected rooms. Just one click in to select the optimal heating mode:

It is not necessary to heat the entire house, maintaining the same temperature in all rooms. The control of the heating radiators and the regulation of the underfloor heating temperature allows you to optimize utility costs – you can reduce the temperature or turn off the heating in the guest room and utility rooms.

The ability to change heating modes reduces energy consumption by a third. When leaving the house, turn on the “economy” mode, which will maintain the minimum temperature in the house. Before you arrive, activate the “comfort” mode in order to warm up the house.

Use the fan coil to adjust the heat supply and ventilation power – set the automatic air conditioning mode or control the system manually using the remote control.

Snowmelt and de-icing

Snowmelt and de-icing systems ensure the safety of the roof and drainage systems, as well as the safety of the residents of the house, minimizing the risk of injuries in the cold season. MiMiSmart allows you to set up automatic activation of snowmelt and de-icing systems when the temperature drops, so as to prevent the formation of ice on the roof, gutters, porch, steps and sidewalks. As soon as the temperature drops to a certain level, the systems will be activated, which will work in the “heating” mode.

How to change the heating settings

MiMiSmart provides remote change of heating settings. Control is performed using a tablet or smartphone with a GSM module, which has a special application installed.

On the screen of the mobile device, the layout of the house and the location of all the rooms are displayed. The zoning function allows you to divide the house into several zones, for each of which an individual heating mode can be selected.

In the event of any failures in the heating system, the configuration and restoration of parameters are carried out remotely by MiMiSmart technical support, which ensures a minimum time for troubleshooting.

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