15 March 2021

“Smart” curtains are the result of the development of high technologies. They are one of the key components of the smart home system. Automatic sliding curtains and roller blinds are a practical interior attribute that gives comfort and ease of use. As for the functionality, the control system is thought out to the last detail.

The principle of operation of the system of “smart” curtains

The main task is to adjust the light level. An additional function is to create a comfortable interior filled with home comfort. Innovative technologies made it possible to control the “smart” curtains remotely, at a distance.

Smart roller shutters and curtains are controlled:

In addition to digital devices (via Wi-Fi), “smart” roller shutters are controlled by a system of settings that are set automatically. To do this, use the wall control panel. The complex of mechanisms and components that are used for adjustment is presented:

The artificial brain, the key component, is the control unit. Main tasks: to establish a dialogue with the owner of the house and execute the specified scenarios. The control unit controls voice commands. The task of timers: to control the exact execution of time settings that are started manually.

Thanks to the presence of sensors that respond to sunlight, it is possible to change the angle of inclination of the blinds by artificial intelligence of automation, without human intervention. Feature: A well-defined amount of light is transmitted. The task of the controller is to direct the operation of the mobile part of the smart system.

Control of sliding shutters and curtains

Mimi Smart sliding curtains are a classic option, moving apart in the horizontal direction with the help of a sliding frame along the frame. There are two main methods of management:

  1. Stationary.
  2. Remote control.

Remote control is carried out using a smartphone, tablet, remote control. All you need is Wi-Fi/mobile internet and an infrared remote control. Smart curtains can be controlled by applications running on the iOS and Android operating systems.

The feature of the stationary control is to adjust the position of the rolls by pressing a button. The button is mounted on the wall and connected to the cornice motor. High technologies have allowed us to equip modern models with electronic blocks, thanks to which simple scenario management is available.

Features of the sliding roller shutter mechanism

The “smart” design has an electric drive, the task is to move the chain on which the web/slats are fixed. When the curtain reaches the end position, the engine is switched off, which is possible due to the presence of limiters.

Automatic functions are performed according to the specified scenarios:

The Mimi Smart mechanism is controlled manually or using a pre-set script. If you are using a remote control, you do not need to connect to a wireless network.

Installation Benefits

“Smart” curtains are one of the components of the smart house system and are used to create a full-fledged home comfort. Thanks to the innovative system, comfortable living conditions are increased.

Positive properties of smart sliding curtains and roller blinds:

“Smart” sliding curtains/shutters – the choice of modern buyers who appreciate practicality and home comfort. Automation copes with many functions independently, without human intervention, according to a pre-set scenario.

“Smart” curtains Mimi Smart-an element of an automatic system that will create comfort in the house.


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