Answering machine

An intelligent voice assistant, a home secretary and an answering machine-in one person in the MimiSmart system

We live in a time when technology is trying to save us from almost any activity. It seems that it is voice assistants that have a huge potential in this area, which can greatly facilitate our lives. In modern technologies, the functions of the answering machine are widely integrated with other voice and executive programs of the “Smart Home”.

New features of the answering machine, as a voice assistant

An intelligent voice assistant is no longer something new. Leading brands associated with the mobile phone market have been developing this technology with varying success for at least five years. It is important to note that the assistant’s assumptions themselves have not changed much during this time. In short, the role of the household is to say the selected command to the phone (or other intelligent equipment, such as a loudspeaker), and everything else should happen without our participation.

Companies offer a number of answering machines designed, in particular, for home users, with a rich set of functions, with several functions of dialing from memory, wireless phones and blocking unwanted calls. Specialists in phones for people with hearing impairments have a number of answering machines that are suitable for people with visual, physical or hearing problems.

For the market, there is a need for several messages or a large amount of recording time, which corresponds to high quality. The range of answering machines specifically designed for the telephone system, for example, includes automatic assistants that send voice messages by email to your desktop computer, as well as voice alerts for queuing calls.

The software will not only inform about the state of our health, but also-thanks to voice navigation-can make people confined to a wheelchair, or even lying patients perform such basic functions as turning on / off lights or browsing the network without anyone’s help. The list of these options is likely to expand over time.

Using widely artificial Intelligence technologies, the answering machine can take on the responsibilities:

  1. The secretary.
  2. A “bodyguard” guard for uninvited guests.
  3. Governesses and other persons of the household.

The answering machine can answer questions from strangers. In this case, false or reliable information may be used, taking into account the security program of the home and residents. Also, transfer information to the attending physician from lying or restricted in free actions of patients.

The answering machine, as a voice assistant, can successfully perform the duties of a secretary and assistant for pre-programmed work. Taking into account all possible integration of smart devices and executive functions, the value of the answering machine can be expanded. As an example, we can cite “VoIP technology in a smart home”.

 For the client, a very important function was the combination of an intelligent installation with video intercoms. This integration is possible thanks to the digital technology of VoIP signal transmission. This technology allows you to build a whole network of such devices in a building. And it allows you to transmit sound and live images inside the building, connecting any devices that use it.

By combining the Vision system with VoIP devices, the video intercom system was integrated with the monitoring, alarm and lighting system of the building. The smart home system creates a telephone exchange with an answering machine, providing many interesting functions.

Video intercom with an answering machine in a mobile phone

The most obvious advantage of such a connection is the ability to raise the intercom, wherever we are. The intercom can be picked up not only from all phones working on VoIP technology, but also from the touch panel or using the TV (lying in bed or in the bathroom).

Mobile devices offer additional features. The owner of the house can answer the call on the intercom from his mobile phone at any time, regardless of whether he is inside or outside the building.

Thanks to this configuration, the system can also register people who wanted to visit the hosts during their absence. After returning the video, the material automatically saved by the system can be played back

The answering machine is one of the functions of the MimiSmart smart home, which is installed in conjunction with the rest of the necessary functions.


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