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Management of irrigation system

Cool shower on a hot day

How many times have you tried to clean up your personal plot? How many times have planted your favorite flowers in the flower bed and sighed in disappointment when they did not survive the next season? You do not have time for watering, irrigation, and careful care of your lawn! On the irrigation system, “Smart House” your lawn will be better than a football field, and the flowers will be admired as a botanical garden!

“Rain” on schedule

What is the irrigation system in the “smart” house? This is to save you time and effort! With it you can forget about “polivalkah” and the long hose that easy to get confused. Now you can just specify the necessary settings on the control panel, “Smart House” system is very simple and will not cause you difficulties. Timer takes care of the accuracy of watering time, you define the duration of irrigation in a specific assigned sector. From this period of life-giving to score the silver stream. A special soil moisture sensor to help adjust the system to provide the desired soil moisture at the right areas of your wonderful garden.
Care and will be surrounded by plants. They summed up the special thin tube. Of these, at a predetermined time is served the right amount of water for each plant – his own. Each flower, like every sector of the site requires some care, the system will make sure that each flower and the sector has received its required dose of saving water.

After the rain on Thursday

If your site started to rain, the system of automatic irrigation cancel his “rain”, as already enough rainfall in your garden. Even your site will never be very wet or dry, the system will monitor the level of moisture in the lawn. Across the lawn there are sensors that monitor for soil moisture and, if necessary, so that your lawn has received another dose of rain, they signal to the irrigation system on this lawn, and she at that moment to address the shortcomings of moisture.

Right in the ten

As often happens, that you are watering their flowers, and all to no avail: they wither and not pleasing to the eye? That’s because it’s not always the water reaches the roots of plants! Here to help you come drip irrigation. Since it feeds water directly to plant roots, and not sprayed is not clear where. This will save water and help your plants to absorb this moisture to one hundred percent. You do not need to worry that the hottest day of your flowers will be left without water because the water droplets will fall right on target.

Automatic irrigation system, “Smart House” – your personal gardener who cares about the health of all plants and the beauty of your beautiful garden. Your yard is always green and flourishing.

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