Irrigation system management

07 March 2021

Cool downpour on a hot day

How many times have you tried to put your home garden in order? How many times have you planted your favorite flowers in a flower bed and sighed in frustration when they didn’t live to see the next season? You didn’t have enough time to water, irrigate, and carefully care for your lawn! With the Smart Home irrigation system, your lawn will be better than on a football field, and the flowers will be admired like in a botanical garden!

“Rain” on schedule

What is a smart home irrigation system? This is a saving of your time and effort! With it, you can forget about “watering cans” and long hoses, which are easy to get confused. Now you just need to set the necessary parameters on the control panel of the Smart Home, the system is very simple and will not cause you any trouble. The timer will take care of the accuracy of the watering time, the duration of watering you have defined in a specific given sector. With the specified duration, silver life-giving jets will be scored. And special soil moisture sensors will help you adjust the system, providing the right soil moisture in the right areas of your wonderful garden.

Indoor plants will also be taken care of. Special thin tubes are connected to them. From them, at a predetermined time, the right amount of water is supplied, for each plant – its own. Each flower, as well as each sector of the plot, requires a certain care for them, the system will take care that each flower and sector receives its own, the necessary dose of saving moisture.

After the rain on Thursday

If it rains on your plot, the automatic irrigation system will cancel its “rain”, due to the sufficient amount of precipitation that has fallen on your garden. Also, your site will never be very wet or dry, the system itself will monitor the level of moisture in the lawn. All over the lawn there are sensors that monitor the humidity of the soil and, if you need your lawn to get another portion of rain, they will signal this to the lawn irrigation system, and it will eliminate the moisture deficiencies at the same time.

Straight to the top ten

How often does it happen that you water your flowers, and all to no avail: they wither and do not please the eye? And all because the water does not always reach the roots of plants! Here, a drip irrigation system will come to your aid. With it, the water feeds directly the roots of the plants, and is not sprayed it is not clear where. This will save water and help your plants absorb this moisture one hundred percent. Now you do not have to worry that on the hottest day your flowers will be left without water, because the water droplets will hit exactly the target.

The Smart Home automatic watering system is your personal gardener who takes care of the health of all plants and the beauty of your magnificent garden. Your yard will be forever green and blooming.


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