Irrigation system management

07 March 2021

A smart home is a modern control mechanism that ensures coordinated communication work, such as electricity, heating, security and much more. Centralized control of the house with the ability to configure the necessary parameters in accordance with your own needs, you can save enough time, money and resources.

The smart home system includes such services as:

Also, the smart home system is great for remote control, who has a country villa, cottage, private mansion, industrial and industrial institutions.

The main points in the Smart Home irrigation system

The irrigation system has a clear setting when and at what time it is necessary to turn on. In order for the MimiSmart irrigation system to work properly, it is necessary to take into account some nuances: what is the temperature of the water, the humidity of the air and the ground, when it turns off. And if you have several zones on the site that require humidification, you need to set a certain time for watering.

To set the appropriate level of irrigation, it is necessary to know in which zone this or that humidity is needed, so special sensors with a certain sensitivity will be installed. Thanks to a special controller, humidity, temperature, rain, and when it is necessary to water the zone will be analyzed. Then, it is necessary to check the tank, a special compartment for filling water, if of course such is installed.

In addition to the above, it is typical for the controller to recognize whether there is a person on the lawn. And if the sensors react to the slightest movement, the watering will be canceled until the people leave.

MimiSmart irrigation is controlled with automatic installation of the specified settings. But each owner of his own plot can use a remote control to monitor irrigation, i.e. turn it on when necessary.

Advantages of the MimiSmart irrigation system

Thanks to the efficiency of the MimiSmart irrigation system, efficiency is guaranteed when using resources and paying for water supply. And watering, which is used in accordance with the schedule, will be able to transform the appearance of lawns and the entire garden as a whole.

The MimiSmart irrigation system has automatic adjustment according to the set volumes. The owner independently sets the time interval after which watering will be turned on. Now you do not need to manually unwind the hose, connect it to the tap, which is carried out in the garden, and carry out watering, constantly passing around the entire perimeter. Thanks to the Smart Home system, you can set your own settings and, if necessary, regulate the supply of water supply to the garden.

With the help of the Smart Home system, watering will be canceled if it suddenly starts raining. And in hot and sultry times, the MimiSmart irrigation system will automatically turn on the sensors to moisten the soil with drip irrigation. In this way, the soil will be able to get the right amount of water, which will moisten the rhizomes of plants, in a certain zone, and not throughout the garden.

Today, drip irrigation has become in demand for agriculture, because it is the most effective and efficient way to fully penetrate moisture into the soil.

Components of the MimiSmart irrigation system

An automatic irrigation system is a design such as:

The controller is a mechanism that combines a processor and a valve with an electric magnet. Thus, with the help of it, the entire system works automatically, and also allows you to set the exact time for the beginning and completion of watering. Also, it is a controlling link when water is supplied to a certain area of the lawn and garden.


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