Sliding gates

The modern innovative system “Smart Home” will make the life of its owner comfortable and as safe as possible. One of the components of the complex is a device responsible for the automatic opening and closing of sliding gates. Unlike a standard remote control. “Smart home” will quickly respond to the owner’s command and significantly save his time.

Device Management System

With the intelligent remote control, the customer will be able to open and close the sliding gate via a smartphone. The system supports 3 connection methods:

  1. Bluetooth. This device will be able to control the gate even if there is no Wi-fi at all or temporarily.
  2. The Internet. The user can control the operation of the home sliding gate from anywhere in the world.
  3. Home Wi-fi. After syncing the device with a private network, the owner will be able to control the operation of the sliding gate system from any room of the house. While working through the home network, the data stream will not pass through the Internet.

It is noteworthy that an external bridge or a separate hub is not required for efficient operation of the system. All of these components are initially built into the device. The system will also be able to perform its functions through a standard remote control. If desired, the owner can use voice commands defined by the established script to open/close the gate. You can add a personal phrase to the appropriate application and use the system using Siri shortcuts.

Setting access rights

The owner of the device can extend the rights to use the system between all family members. To do this, it is enough to send a specific key using a simple text message, a QR code, or use any convenient data exchange platform. Through the appropriate programs, you can quickly and easily allow access to individual family members, as well as cancel it. In any case, all control over the system will be in the hands of the owner. In this case, the user can restrict the connection by its type. For example, a gardener or a driver may only be allowed access via Bluetooth, etc.

The system also provides for the restriction of access rights by time ranges:

  1. Duration. The owner can set the beginning and end of the period during which the gate can be opened or closed.
  2. A recurring pattern. For individuals (driver, gardener, etc.), access can be set according to their working schedule – weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00, for example.
  3. Automation. The system can open the gates of the yard or garage at the moment when the owner approaches them. To do this, it is enough to determine a clear time interval – in the morning (when the owner goes to the office) or in the evening (returning home from work). The time of day can be any, as well as the days of the week.


With the help of the appropriate program, the user can monitor the status of the “smart” gate opening system. If necessary, you can check the status at any time of the day. The same function applies to the garage door. For the convenience of the owner, it is possible to install a specific color, a separate photo, etc. for the gate, garage, gate. Thus, the search for a specific item in the application takes a minimal amount of time.

The application also allows the owner to control the actions of other persons who have access to the system. This is especially useful if one of the family members forgot to close the gate after leaving. The program also signals the owner about the visit of a stranger, for example, when he rings the doorbell.


A distinctive feature of the “Smart Home” system is the security of personal data (password, keys, etc.). All information related to management is stored not in the cloud, but on a specific gadget (smartphone. The data is protected by reliable 256-bit end-to-end encryption. The security system does not depend on the type of connection.

Complete set of the “smart” sliding gate control system

The device package includes the following elements:

  1. Doorbell button. After connecting the element, the host will be able to receive notifications about the visit of unauthorized persons on their smartphone.
  2. Gate status sensor. With this component, you can find out whether the gate is closed or open.
  3. Manual control device. Using the corresponding button, individual family members or other persons gain access to the control of the garage door, gate, etc. Control of the manual control system also remains with the owner. You can use the app to disable or connect an installed item.

The app allows you to install any number of individual devices and manage them at any time of the day.

When choosing a gate control device, the client can always consult the company’s manager. An employee will help you choose the appropriate equipment and place an order.


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