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Ventilation control

What breathes a “smart” house?

“Smart” house always breathe fresh and clean air because of its management system provided ventilation.
This means that tenants ‘reasonable’ house did not know what the fug and bad air in the rooms. They enjoy the freshness, purity and freshness of their houses.

The freshness and coolness

The ventilation system “Smart House” combines the supply and exhaust ventilation. Supply fresh air takes away from the street and carries it around the house, ventilation removes waste from houses and polluted air. And together these two types of ventilation systems provide a complete air exchange in the areas of the house and create a crystal clear atmosphere.
“Smart” ventilation must take into account the condition of each room, because the activity and the level of ventilation for each room its own. For example, the kitchen needs to be given special attention, because there is going to a lot of fat and soot. The bedrooms have air may be fresh and cool all night and day, when nobody is there, the ventilation system they go into standby mode.
Operation of the ventilation system can be configured according to the schedule, which means it will be included in a predetermined time of day, day of the week.
You can specify a certain power and temperature of the air supply. Also, if in the daytime hosts are absent, the ventilation system will automatically reduce the refresh rate of the air, but with the advent of the hosts will start functioning actively.


“Smart” ventilation not only brings fresh air into the house, but also sees to it that he was clean and did not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house.
For this purpose special cleaning filters, air ionization and ozonation, which eliminates the internal space of the bacteria, pathogenic viruses and other microorganisms, as well as CO 2 sensors. The sensor monitors the level of CO 2 concentration of unwanted gas. If the house has gathered a large company, the sensor responds to the increased concentration of carbon dioxide, and the ventilation system starts to work harder.


For healthy living in the house is also very important level of humidity. To maintain a comfortable level of humidity (40-60%) can be used humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The first is better to use during the cold season when heating “dry” air, while the latter are essential for rooms with high humidity: a bath, basin, toilet room, etc. Special sensors monitor the moisture level in the room, and the system itself if necessary, run a humidifier or dehumidifier work.


In cold weather, the owner of “smart” house can use the ventilation system, as one of the heating systems. In this case,
a ventilation system supplied air is heated to the desired temperature, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the house.


“Smart” will monitor and ventilation for your safety. If the trigger sensors installed in locations likely leakage of gas or smoke detector,
the ventilation system will operate at maximum, with all his might expelling gas or smoke from the house and filling the room with fresh air.

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