Voice control

07 March 2021

He speaks and shows… the HOUSE!

How often it happened that you, rushing to the TV, forgot to turn off the extra light. With the voice control system “Smart Home”, you do not have to be distracted by such trifles. Now our system will do it for you.


With the Smart Home voice control system, you will feel like a real commander. Just imagine that all the electrical appliances in the house are under your command. Just press the button on the control panel and give a command, for example, ” Open the gate!”, the system will immediately execute your order, and also notify you of the task in a pleasant voice. But that’s not all, now you can do without the control panel. You just need to clap your hands, and the system will turn on the light, two claps – it will turn it off. The intelligent processing system makes it possible to distinguish exactly handclaps, and not any knocking and sound. This allows you to avoid unpleasant situations and chaotic operation of the voice control system.

Smart Brownie

Now your home will become not only your reliable fortress, but also the best friend who will help you with household chores, and with whom you can even talk. The first thing you should do is give your house a name, for example, name it as the most famous brownie – “Kuzya”. Just passing through the room, give the command to your new friend: “Kuzya, turn on the TV!”, and your” personal brownie”, without delay, will fulfill your wish. Moreover, it will report on the completion of the task: “The TV is on”. The name is not just a fashionable feature, it is necessary for the Smart Home system to understand that it is a command to the house, and not just a conversation between its residents.


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