Security monitoring

Smart home — a safe home

A good friend will always take care, take into account your condition, mood. It will check what you are missing and provide it, if only there is an opportunity. It will inform you about threats in time.

Your home is not only your friend, but also your ecosystem, the life support zone for you and your family. Every parameter in it is important.

The Smart Home system, like a best friend, monitors a lot of issues and solves each of them according to the moment. It will provide both comfort and convenience, but first of all it is always on guard of the safety of the owners.

The owners will never find themselves in a situation where something is wrong in their abode. “Smart home” always knows what is happening at the moment and is able not only to notify and warn, but also to independently begin to eliminate the problem.

The climate in the house is completely under control

“Smart home” subtly regulates the microclimate in the residential area: it maintains optimal temperature, humidity, ventilation, air conditioning. He will open or close the curtains himself, depending on the presence of sunlight and your preferences. Enables or disables the corresponding heating circuits. Moreover, each room can have its own mode set.

The most important security parameters

Your home must first of all protect you reliably. But sometimes it may happen that the danger has arisen in the walls of the building itself. With the main ones, the “Smart house” is able to cope perfectly, first of all, securing the owners and quickly localizing the problem.


“Smart Home” constantly monitors every room and is always aware of such parameters as:

Each of these parameters can mean a fire and the “Smart House” will not only immediately notify the owners, but also block ventilation in the fire zone and turn on water sprinklers for extinguishing.

In parallel, the system

Gas leak

Chemical air analyzers will instantly react to a gas leak and the Smart Home will immediately block its supply. It will also open the windows, increase ventilation for faster disinfection of the room.

Water leak

If an abnormal amount of water occurs in any of the premises, the Smart House first of all blocks its supply and notifies the owners. With an additional configuration of the system, the pumps for pumping water will turn on.

Motion and penetration sensor

If the Smart Home is in security mode, then any movement within your home will be monitored and urgent measures will be taken:

Video surveillance of the child (video babysitter)

The child should always be under control, because this is, first of all, his safety. The system will monitor your child wherever he is within your mansion. And in time, he will notify about the danger that threatens him.

“Smart home” simulates your presence

You put it on guard mode. At this time, at your request, it can simulate that someone is in your home: turn on/off the lights, music, and even the voices of the owners and the dog recorded in advance.

He can push and pull the curtains, make water noise and introduce other imitation elements that prevent an attacker from being sure that there is definitely no one in your shelter.

An experienced thief will always observe the daily routine of the owners in order to choose the optimal moment for penetration and theft. This mode will confuse the attackers, forcing them to abandon the idea.

Choosing invulnerability

“Smart home” is a friend, a security guard, a firefighter and a defender. He monitors the comfort, while reliably monitoring the home for all known types of danger. He will show care and reliability even in the most seemingly small, but no less important issues, on which not only comfort depends, but often also your life and health.


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