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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein
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Security control

Living in a “smart” house: comfort, comfort, safety

Each of us dreams of having his house was a veritable fortress, that life there was not only warm and comfortable but also safe.
That, each time returning to his house, we felt the care, peace and order. But to translate those dreams into reality,
you should always take care of order and safety in the house. With the “smart house” is very simple. He himself, like an invisible butler, “follows” behind it all and “allows” virtually every detail, making the lives of their masters, the most convenient and carefree.

All wrapped in a warm and caring

“Smart” House “knows” when to envelop the occupants warm, and when dipped in cool, because it reacts to subtle changes in the weather outside the window and adjust to them. Besides, he always tells the owners about the weather conditions. The control panel displays all necessary information about the weather outside: air temperature, wind direction, humidity and pressure. But that’s not all. In winter, when the climate very frosty and cool, “Smart House” ensures that all appliances, utility systems worked smoothly and in the right mode.
For example, warms up drains, exits from the garage and house and garden paths, thus saving itself and housing, and its inhabitants from freezing, snow drifts and other things. “Smart” house control system closely monitors the temperature of the house and each piece of equipment separately. She immediately reacts to any deviation from normal temperature: freezing or overheating of certain equipment.

Life without leakage

The “smart” house the risks of water leakage, current, gas to a minimum. Because the operation of the system is set up so that she immediately fixes any breach itself and prevents even the slightest problem. If you found a water leak, power, gas, and the signal is fed to the control panel on the team that stopped them feeding. And if suddenly the system can not cope alone with the problem, she tells the owner and the emergency services on emergency situations. In the case of water leakage, the system shuts off the water. And if you accidentally leak monitoring sensor was wet, it can be temporarily turned off the water supply restored to their work. Carefully monitored and a gas leak. If you encounter this problem given the task of the ventilation system to ventilate the room, filling it with fresh air.
Place for fire safety and smoke temperature sensors. When the “Smart House” gets a signal on fire, stop flow of electricity, ventilation and begins to work actively to ensure that residents fresh air. A siren will alert the owner and will give a signal to control the fire station.

“Smart” reserve

If your “smart” house still happen, for example, turning off the electricity, the house immediately switch to battery power.
In this case the system will turn off all unnecessary appliances, so they do not take energy. And the work and charge battery will be permanently under control, so if necessary, in time to run a generator to recharge. Thus, the house will be almost fully operational: lighting, heating and other important subsystems of the house will be busy.

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