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Climate control

The weather in “smart” house

What is a “cold”, what is “hot”? Such questions can only set the tenants ‘smart’ houses, because they are available for automatic climate control in the house. The house itself year-round support in a comfortable room temperature at which, and to breathe easily, and works efficiently and is resting comfortably. That is why his tenants to forget that the house may be too hot, too cold or damp. The “smart” house is always nice weather.

It is expected a comfortable temperature in winter

Comfortable climate in the house in winter provides a whole group of heaters: boilers, radiators, air conditioners, floor heating and water heating. Manual control of all these elements sufficiently troublesome. Need to adjust every time their work in accordance with weather conditions, desires, residents of the house, time of day, etc. From climate-controlled “Smart House” this can be forgotten. One touch of the panel, you set up the heating system so that your house and each room will be constantly maintained an individual, comfortable for some room temperature. You just need to set the desired temperature on the control panel, and the house will determine what
equipment and what better facilities and better use to achieve its objectives. From climate-controlled “Smart House” you can control the work of each individual battery in the house, it is very convenient and advantageous for power inputs. The system also responds to ambient temperature. It not only displays the data on the panel, but also in connection with adjusting the climate in the house. If the outdoor temperature rises or falls, the system adjusts the operation of heating so that the temperature in the house is comfortable, and at the same time saves energy. Also, the system performs the analysis of the boiler, provides information on failures or lack of fuel supply covers gas or water leakage.

Will be observed temperature

All heating equipment at house will work for a given mode. If your house has several different types of boilers, such as gas and electricity, you can set your preferences when they work together when one by one, when one by one. For example, the cost of electricity cheaper at night (40% of normal rate), and therefore more profitable use of the electric boiler. A day is cheaper to use gas. If a boiler fails, the system is “aware”, and connects the two.
You can also configure the system so that when the outdoor temperature – no lower than -15 0, the room is heated by the air conditioner (boilers will help, if he does not manage), and at temperatures below -15 0 will work more powerful hardware.
Due to the climate control system, “Smart House” can save significant energy costs and prolong the life of the system as it is reasonable to distribute the work of coolants, cutting off those devices in which there is currently no need.

Paul has warmed to the desired temperature

An important condition for the comfort of the house are well insulated floors, as they not only provide comfort, allowing you to walk house barefoot, but also used to heat houses. At night, the system will automatically turn off the warm floor, and pre-podogreet it in front of your awakening. In addition, the floor heating thermostat allows you to program the mode of its work on every day of the week.

The cozy atmosphere will remain in each room

You can program the work of each battery, air conditioner, fan coil, so that in different rooms temperature and humidity levels will be different.
For example, the system will see to it that night in the bedroom remained comfortable for sleeping temperature (16-18 0), and your waking temperature will gradually rise.
Or you can set the option to permanently kept in the nursery for the baby required temperature (considered to be most comfortable during the day and 22 0 0 16-18 at night).
And in the hallways, pantries, and other non-residential premises will be observed minimum temperature. In the kitchen, bathroom,
cinema can also be maintained a minimum temperature, but increases when there are tenants.

Weather in the house not to deviate from the schedule and script

You can control the climate and in accordance with the timetable and scenarios. If, for example, is at house only on weekends or evening-night time, the system will maintain a minimum temperature of the house, saving energy costs, and your arrival (in time) will create a comfortable house. Or if you’re on vacation, you can adjust the climate control system in economy mode, and you specified day and time of your return, be set in the house a comfortable temperature.
You can control the climate and in the distance. To your arrival at the house was warm, the heated water for bathing, is enough to send a mobile phone. And by that time, the house will be ready to meet their owners warm and cozy.

In the summer remain pleasantly cool

Climate control helps you set the air conditioner. In the summer they will work on refrigeration facilities in the optimal range, which will be maintained at a comfortable temperature and will save energy. The air in the house will be cooled to the desired temperature, and will not change depending on changes in weather conditions (increasing or decreasing outdoor temperature). Even in the hottest summer day in your house will be pleasantly cool.

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