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A good house is created, not bought.Joyce Maynard
The house is a machine for housing, it is a lively dynamic thing.Robert Heinlein

Swimming pool

In the pool, as the resort

Pool of “smart” house is always ready to meet their hosts a warm, crystal clear water, a nice relaxing massage waves, cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It is your own tropical corner straight at house. And you need not worry about how to keep this corner of the beautiful “weather” and cleanliness. This has already been taken care of “Smart House”.

Swimming pool with self-service

Only one setting management pool, “Smart House” on the right way, you can stop worrying about what you need in time to collect water, heat it, clean. After all, the system takes care of that. And you can save considerably on the service. Services Special Services for cleaning and repairing the pool is no longer needed. Work your pool – under the strict control of the “Smart House”.
In exactly the specified time in the pool water is heated to the desired temperature, creates a comfortable air temperature, humidity controlled, heated area by the pool, so that was comfortable to walk barefoot. You come in already prepared in advance for your room and enjoy swimming.
The system itself monitors the fullness of the basin, changing the water, controls the work of all necessary equipment: filters, pumps, etc., clean swimming pool. And if she fails, inform the owners of the contamination, leakage or the necessity to change filters, a special signal or displaying this information on the control panel.

Swimming pool – cool corner

In the summer pool will be your area of ​​coolness and freshness. The water temperature is always comfortable for the summer heat, so you can freshen up and relax by the pool. If the pool is not used for a long time, you can press one button on the panel, and cover the water surface, protecting it from dust.
Under the hot summer sun evaporates the water in the basin, but the “smart house” controls the water level in the pool. If it falls below the set, the pool will automatically replenish water supplies.
You can manage the pool and through the Internet or by mobile phone. If you go back house after spending the day under the sun, and you want to plunge into the cool of the pool, just send a message system for your arrival and the pool will be ready.

Swimming pool – spa house

That pool – is a place in the house, where you want to relax and have fun, forget about the daily routine, stressful routine and plunge into pure water. This is where you want to invite friends and make a fiery party. A “smart” pool – a place where you want to return again and again. After all, he creates an unforgettable atmosphere of rest. At the touch of a button on the toolbar, you can run the script in the pool “Party”: a lively score fountains and geysers, enveloping a pleasant noise of splashing, turn on a waterfall, special lighting and light up will play lively music. And if you want peace and relaxation, then the scenario of “Rest”, and will stream in the basin of quiet streams, lulling her murmur, turn on romantic music. Plunging into the water, you too can hear your favorite music: under water established special speakers, and the water will be playing music that is heard outside.
And in order to arrange a real pool to your SPA-resort, use chromotherapy – change the backlight of the pool water as you like, creating an unforgettable colors the water.

“Smart” pool – this is an amazing piece of paradise, which is fine guess your mood and your desires. Upon entering the pool, you find yourself in a tropical resort that makes you “smart house”.

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