What is a Smart House

Like a house the brains to teach?

Tell me where you live, and I’ll tell you who you are. This is the way to rephrase the old saying. Because the house – it is a way to express yourself. Would you like your house was not only beautiful and comfortable, but “different intelligence and wit”? To be able to forget about the N-nnoe number of consoles that are scattered throughout the house and never find them. To be able to control any device in the house, lighting, and receive messages, chat with visitors who came, not from your sofa. The “smart” house is all you the strength. Your house is completely subordinate to you and your desires.

Meet on the mind

So, what is the Smart House system? Most of us imagine such things fantastic assemblage of wires, computers, sliding doors and mysterious mechanical voices. But in fact, you yourself can make your house a “smart” without making radical changes at the same time. After all, Smart House – a very ordinary house or apartment, but equipped with “smart” system, which performs every whim and every wish of his master, and she solves a lot of household tasks. Live in a house not only pleasant but also convenient, safe and even beneficial.

Smart House System integrates all resources into one housing all the functions and scope of house work consistently and efficiently. It is reasonable to direct the entire household, saving you effort, time and money taking care of you, your comfort and your safety.

That house a “reasonable” you prepare?

What gets the owner of “smart” house? In fact – fantastic. In the normal house to surround yourself and your family comfort, peace, security, need to make a lot of time and effort. Necessary to establish the performance of each instrument, always in control. The “smart” house it all falls on the shoulders of a single automation system. And you get easy and simple to use management tools that system:

  • a single panel: manage all the resources at house can be a single touch panel, with user-friendly interface, intuitive, even a child.
  • All equipment and resources at house working independently on your settings, retain control of the entire process, if necessary, correct it and troubleshoot problems.
  • Life at house can be arranged by scenario: it will work for you spelled out the scenario, at a certain time and off when you want it.
  • control system can be at a distance from a mobile phone or via the Internet!
  • at your disposal a reliable and secure system, thanks to a smooth and coordinated work of all elements and resources at house.

In the smart house takes all the mind


Lighting will be to understand all the desires of the owner: the owner of a given scenario on and off lights and lamps lit at certain times of the evening light, at night the house itself off light in all rooms … With “smart” light housing is easily turned into an unusually intimate and fabulous area, where so nice to spend time with. One press on the panel, and can run any light scenario. For example, “Romantic Dinner”: a room lit soft intimate lighting, flash fire, the curtains will go down, will play nice music …

Electrical Appliances

The house itself is drawn from your electrical appliances . TV, iron, washing machine and dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, electric heater – all appliances in the house may be subject to one-click buttons on the control panel.


Now you do not care what the weather is outside, because the weather in the house you define yourself! With the climate control system, you can even cool winter rest, the Maldives, without leaving your sofa, and hot summer – add ice-cold coolness in your house. The system will support all year round in the room a comfortable temperature. Besides, returning house after work, you can send a job from a mobile phone house to warm the room, fill the bathtub with warm water, and everything will be done right for your arrival.


Smart House is always fresh and breathing clean air, because in his system provides ventilation control . This means that you do not know what the fug and bad air in the rooms. And enjoy the freshness, purity and freshness of their houses.


Even the intercom in the “smart” house is much more reasonable. It records all your visitors, write to your message and photo ratings. Bring advertises your favorite tune, and respond to the signal you can from a convenient location in the house.


From any room, you may wish to listen to favorite songs, watch videos, and no matter where the source signal. A control can all be comfortable with the touchpad. And no need to clutter up the house all sorts of wires, speakers, record players, compact all equipment collected in just one place house.


Even the watering system for your garden and backyard area will work in an intelligent: that is, determine the right amount of moisture, time and the need for watering. So, your garden will always be blooming and fragrant. Still, after caregiver of such a “clever gardener!”

Swimming pool

“Smart” pool itself serves, he warms the water, cleans, fills. Only one setting management pool in the desired fashion, you can stop worrying about what you need in time to collect water, heat it, clean. And you can save considerably on the service. Services Special Services for cleaning and repairing the pool is no longer needed. Work your pool – under the strict control of the “Smart House”.

Video surveillance

Now you can monitor the situation round the clock, even while away from house! The video surveillance system on the alert all the time. You can sleep peacefully at night, and each camera will record any movement at house and local area. If within one appears, the camera will record his presence immediately and report it to you.


Now you will only sleep soundly because you have at house – the most reliable security system, which gauges how your personal security guard, guard your house. Safety is absolutely all facilities at house and outdoors territory – under the strict control of security system, “Smart House”. So you are always aware of what’s happening in your house.

Voice-activated control

You want to make your life even easier in the house? – You are welcome. With voice control you do not need, going to work, all the switches obbegat and appliances in the house to turn them off. It will suffice to give a command system, and do it all for you, and even alert you when a job!

Welcome to Smart House!

Believe me, this is not all the “Smart House”. We have the widest list of “smart” functions. And find out more about what can Clever House and how it can change your life.
You are still in doubt whether you need it? Smart House – a house of the future, your future, which is available to you right now.

Total per call, and your house will work for you.