What can Smart House?

One day at house with "smart" light

House, who himself manages his lighting: given the master script on and off lights and lamps lit at certain times of the evening light, at night the house itself off light in all rooms ... This is not a fantasy or dream a reality. Because there is a "Smart House", which intelligently manages all engineering systems at house, and especially lighting.

What can be done sitting in a chair?

It would seem not so much. Well, for example, read a book, watch a movie, drink coffee, talk on the phone. But there are the lucky ones who can turn on or off any appliance in the house without getting up from your favorite chair. Who are these people who have psychic abilities? No, this is the happy owner of the "Smart House", which manages the appliances in the house.

Control any single-scan technique with

TV, iron, washing machine and dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, electric heater - all appliances in the house may be subject to one-click buttons on the control panel. To do this, all sockets in the house are connected into a single network and are subject to "Smart House", which easily manages the entire group of electrical devices and each device separately.

The weather in "smart" house

What is a "cold", what is "hot"? Such questions can only set the tenants 'smart' houses, because they are available for automatic climate control in the house. The house itself year-round support in a comfortable room temperature at which, and to breathe easily, and works efficiently and is resting comfortably. That is why his tenants to forget that the house may be too hot, too cold or damp. The "smart" house is always nice weather.

What breathes a "smart" house?

"Smart" house always breathe fresh and clean air because of its management system provided ventilation. This means that tenants 'reasonable' house did not know what the fug and bad air in the rooms. They enjoy the freshness, purity and freshness of their houses.

The freshness and coolness

The ventilation system "Smart House" combines the supply and exhaust ventilation. Supply fresh air takes away from the street and carries it around the house, ventilation removes waste from houses and polluted air. And together these two types of ventilation systems provide a complete air exchange in the areas of the house and create a crystal clear atmosphere. "Smart" ventilation must take into account the condition of each room, because the activity and the level of ventilation for each room its own. For example, the kitchen needs to be given special attention, because there is going to a lot of fat and soot. The bedrooms have air may be fresh and cool all night and day, when nobody is there, the ventilation system they go into standby mode.

"Smart" intercom system - your personal butler

To you come visit, and you're passionate about watching a soccer game or your favorite show, and do not want the door open to friends, miss the winning goal of his team or a romantic scene with the main characters? Now you do not have to break away from the TV screen, because the "smart" house you have a personal butler - a powerful video phone.

To visit you, sir!

"Smart" intercom constantly on the alert. If you came to visit and called the intercom in the house on the touch panel displays the video image, and you know exactly who came. See the guests, you can even on TV. "Smart" intercom system notifies you of the arrival of visitors and transmits high quality video picture, not only on the control panel, but also on television, where you have a good look at who came. Without rising from his chair, you can see and hear their guests and know for what reason you have disturbed. Another button you can open the door and let visitors decide if it's necessary.

With remote control for life

Remember the movie "Click. With remote control for life ", where the hero was given a universal remote wonder who could control not only all the appliances in the house, but the people, and even life situations? Universal remote systems "Smart House" is, of course, can not stop the clock or unwind it forward, but he also knows quite a few. Only took him in hand and try out, you'll wonder how they lived all this time without a "magic wand" that performs almost any desire to master.

I wish you a wonder-console instead of the usual pile!

Now you do not need to heap all sorts of consoles from house appliances to seek necessary, forgetting what a panel of the instrument, because all the mountain replaces one - universal, "smart" control panel, judging by his almost limitless possibilities, it is - simply prodigy! Such control can easily cope with the management of any appliance in the house, in short, everything that is included in the outlet. At the touch of a button you start or work any machinery otkorrektiruete in the house. "Smart" panel will be an indispensable companion for house owners.

In the embrace of video and audio

Imagine a place where you from all sides surrounded by your favorite music, where in every corner of your first request includes favorite movie, or a commemorative video of an important family event, where on any screen you can view your photos. Now imagine that all this - your own house, "smart" house with multiroom system. Multi-room - a system that takes video and audio from any source in the house (TV, stereo, DVD, TV-tuner, Blu-ray (digital media for storing high-quality data), a computer) and distributes them around the house. From any room, you may wish to listen to favorite songs, watch videos, and no matter where the source signal. A control can all be comfortable with the touchpad. And no need to clutter up the house all sorts of wires, speakers, record players, compact all equipment collected in just one place house. It may be, for example, a house theater or other room that suits you.

Cool shower on a hot day

How many times have you tried to clean up your personal plot? How many times have planted your favorite flowers in the flower bed and sighed in disappointment when they did not survive the next season? You do not have time for watering, irrigation, and careful care of your lawn! On the irrigation system, "Smart House" your lawn will be better than a football field, and the flowers will be admired as a botanical garden!

All-inclusive, all considered!

You - the owner of your own house: a large or not, but its very comfortable and house. This is wonderful! But how did you deliver a hassle monthly accounting costs of gas, electricity, water, etc.? Then there is the regular completion and payment of various platezhek, and after you wonder, why so much money is spent on utility costs. Here was the man who would do it all for us, or not a person but for example, the house itself. Unrealistic? Quite feasible with "Smart House".

В бассейн, как на курорт

Бассейн «умного» дома всегда готов встретить своих хозяев теплой, кристально чистой водой, приятным расслабляющим массажем волн, уютной и спокойной атмосферой. Это собственный тропический уголок прямо у вас дома. И вам не нужно беспокоиться о том, чтобы поддерживать в этом уголке прекрасную «погоду» и чистоту. Об этом уже позаботился «Умный Дом».

Control, "Smart House" can even child

With the advanced touchpad control, "Smart House" - is not just a mundane task, it is interesting fascinating process that delivers maximum comfort and pleasure.

At the mere mention of "Clever House" before us is a bit too high-tech painting. House with lots of megaintellektualnyh functions, to understand which can only be a child prodigy. But the reality is far from true, as all ingenious is simple. And management of the "Smart House" is so simple that it quickly mastered even a child.

With ultra-modern fashion touch panel to manage the house nice and easy

It is so convenient and comfortable as your house and all its functions and systems are subject to you, any of your wishes and requirements. And you manage all this kingdom is very simple - with easy-to-use touch panels. This is a valuable design with modern design, sophisticated, with virtually limitless possibilities.

"Intelligent" video surveillance to guard your house

Often you have happened that feeling that your house has something to happen, did not allow you to work on throughout the day, and you could not get rid of him, and an evil boss would not let you back house to check it . Now, with video surveillance, "Smart House" you'll know what's going on in your house during your absence and control every corner of the house, sitting on his favorite sofa or even when you're away from house.

Chamber, the motor!

With video surveillance system, "Smart House" you can feel like a Hollywood director.Now you can safely leave your child with a babysitter, but at the end of the day view, what are they doing all day long.

The owner of the house, can sleep peacefully!

Even hundreds of miles from his house you do not care for his safety, because the house security system, "Smart House" as a reliable and loyal watchdog, protecting it from unwanted visitors. You wake up, fall asleep and sleep through the night with a calm smile, you are always confident in the safety of their child, even if you are not house, you will be happy to relax in the garden, enjoying the peace, comfort and serenity, you know that your house - really your castle . All this because the "smart" house is equipped with intelligent protection. Safety is absolutely all facilities at house and outdoors territory - under the strict control of security system, "Smart House".Therefore, the owner is always aware of what is happening in his house.

Says and shows ... HOUSE!

How often did, that you are hurrying to the TV, forgotten to turn off the light in the kitchen or bathroom, and was sitting in front of the screen, it was inconvenient to reach for the switch. With voice control, "Smart House" you will not be distracted by such trifles. Now your house will become a true friend with whom you can talk to him and leave his house in his absence.


With voice control, "smart house" you feel like a real commander. Just imagine that all electrical appliances in the house under your start. Just click on the control panel and give a command like "Open the gates!", The system immediately execute your order, and even alert you when a job a pleasant voice. But that's not all, now you can live without the control panel. You just need to slap his hands and the system will include light, two cotton - it will turn off it. Intelligent Processing System allows you to select exactly claps his hands, and not every knock and noise. This helps avoid unpleasant situations and chaotic system voice control.

Living in a "smart" house: comfort, comfort, safety

Each of us dreams of having his house was a veritable fortress, that life there was not only warm and comfortable but also safe. That, each time returning to his house, we felt the care, peace and order. But to translate those dreams into reality, you should always take care of order and safety in the house. With the "smart house" is very simple. He himself, like an invisible butler, "follows" behind it all and "allows" virtually every detail, making the lives of their masters, the most convenient and carefree.

Alarm - "intelligent" assistant

Alarm in the "smart" house - is not just an alarm clock. This is your caring friend who will wake you up the most pleasant. You no longer flinch from the harsh and loud tunes simple alarm clock. "Smart" alarm clock wakes you up the way you want it: a voice, a pleasant relaxed melody, turning on TV or your favorite movie, etc. In addition, the alarm performs a role and your secretary. He just in time to remind you about an urgent business or occupation. The house will remind you of important things by voice or text on the TV screen.

Answering Machine - 'intelligent' assistant

In the role of Assistant Secretary-speak and "smart" answering machine that carefully records all incoming calls and messages and stores them in its memory as long as you do not get. Incoming calls to filter by writing the messages on the answering machine. If you need information about calls or emails can be played by voice or text on the TV screen.

You have always dreamed of the comfort and security of your home - Smart House SmartHouse will be the perfect solution!Our company has been working in Ukraine for a long time, and has created many unique projects of intelligent home control systems. Many families prefer to increase the level of convenience and safety of life. This also applies to apartment owners in apartment buildings and cottage owners. Demand creates supply.