Video surveillance management with Smart home

The task of complete control over the territory of your home will help solve the Smart Home for video surveillance. Such a function is one of the most sought-after and attractive in intelligent home control systems, especially if you have a country house.

Capabilities of Smart Video Surveillance Systems

Smart video surveillance has two main functions:

  • security, which is linked to the security system;
  • video control.

Besides cameras, motion sensors, object border crossing, door opening and closing are built into the complex. For the operation of the cameras can be written in a variety of scenarios. In the case of, for example, a long absence of the owners, the complex can be put on standby. Then the camera starts to shoot only at the time of fixing the motion sensor. In case a violation is detected, the signal arrives at the security desk and the host.

The access control function can also be integrated into the architecture of the Smart Home video surveillance complex. This opportunity is very popular in offices and hotels.

Smart Home Video Surveillance System allows you to record video clips, saving them in the device’s memory. In this way, you can always track down for what reason and at what time the triggering occurred.

The cameras record everything that happens on the territory, and allow you to remotely track what is happening at any point of the house and on the territory of the site. If necessary, you can check how household helpers work, how responsive the nanny cares for the child. Records are stored in a large archive, easy to find and view.
All control is carried out using the touchscreen panel, you can remotely monitor it using a smartphone. Apple’s control panel is so easy to use that you can take advantage of all the video surveillance features and prescribe any number of scenarios. If you are outside the country, it is possible to control from your smartphone.

Order from us

Our company SmartHouse develops software and implements integrated video surveillance solutions Smart Home. We have a great experience and we will take into account all your wishes when working. We will make the system work as efficiently as possible. We guarantee reliability and high quality services.

Installing CCTV systems Smart Home will give each of our clients confidence in the security of their home.