What should be a smart home – 5 trends 2021

According to experts, there are currently five important areas in the construction industry that are revolutionizing the housing market. What is the secret of modern apartments?

Be smart

The ability to track and control the most important smart functions of a home or apartment using an app is the essence of an intelligent management system.

The latest solutions also allow you to significantly reduce costs:

For electricity and heating,
On the risks of large losses, for example, in the event of a water leak.
To ensure and maintain a comfortable microclimate.
To create maximum security systems.
Optimization of the operation of household appliances and equipment.
Safety in the first place

Smart homes provide users with not only complete comfort, but also a sense of security. Wherever you are, you control what happens in the home. Security sensors that indicate unwanted movement, but also the ability to close doors, windows or gates if we forget to secure the property in a hurry. Homeowners are increasingly seeing the benefits of smart home solutions.

Bet on functionality

Simplicity returns in favor. Modernist interiors are not only fashionable, but also pragmatic. Today’s construction places great importance on the usability of homes, and designers are returning to the principle that the smaller the better. Today’s users want to individually adapt the functions of their living space to their needs. The latest technological solutions allow us to achieve this goal and raise the bar of requirements higher and higher. Today, one click on the phone screen turns on the air conditioner or closes the window.

Energy efficiency and responsibility

There is a growing understanding of the value of an ecological lifestyle. Reducing the consumption of raw materials is an added value, not a rejection of something. On the contrary, it inspires people to find new responsible solutions that will be useful to everyone. An example is intelligent solutions for residential and office spaces.

Economy and ecology

Cost-effectiveness means: reduced consumption of electricity, energy and water, and therefore savings. The ability to manage the house, close the windows in winter, reduce heating, energy consumption, change the intensity of lighting-the result of long thinking in terms of reducing the consumption of raw materials.

Saving energy and electricity in a modern home is possible thanks to electricity meters. These tools control lighting, heating and control electrical equipment, allowing you to control all costs associated with energy consumption.

Trends in the evolution of the Internet of Things in the smart home

The Internet of Things is a trend that probably everyone has heard about. For almost two years now, this is the future: all devices connected to the network and interacting with each other create completely new opportunities in almost all areas of your life.