Why do you need a smart home?

In 1950, the famous writer Ray Bradbury wrote the story “There will be a gentle rain”. In it, he described a house without owners. Everything in the house continues to work as before. The stove spontaneously prepares meals, the gates open themselves, the clock tells you the time.

A vivid example of the “smart” home system, isn’t it? As you know, comfort and coziness consist of small details. This design helps to automate all everyday household processes, keeps everything that happens in the house under control, takes all the work on itself.

You do not have to worry whether you turned on the iron before leaving, getting up at night you do not need to look for a switch in the dark, it will light up automatically. The “smart” house will do everything for you, it is only necessary to give it a command via a smartphone.

Why do you need a smart home?

“Smart home” will make your life more elementary, more comfortable and more economical.

easy to use, just a phone
is enough to control the operation of switches
control of electricity saving
control of the operation of heating devices
monitoring the operation of air conditioners, washing machines and other household appliances, up to the robot vacuum
cleaner integrated security elements (motion sensors, alarms, sensors to eliminate fire, flooding)
video surveillance
some models even have voice communication

With the smart home system, you can check how things are at home at any time. Giving preference to the right technique, you will more than recoup the cost of it.

Initially, you should purchase a control center. You can connect up to three hundred devices to it. Using it, you can create work scenarios for your home. For example, when you leave, the lights will turn off, the blinds or curtains will drop. Smart sockets will turn off the devices connected to them.

Mobile applications for system management are absolutely free. Instructions can be sent even by voice.

Sensors will protect your home from gas leaks, floods, and intrusions. When you connect the sensor to the control center, it will monitor the temperature in the house. If it is quite hot or cold, then it will deliver a boost to the heater.

If you fix the sensors on the door, you can track when your child returns home.

Cameras will allow you to monitor what is happening in the house. You will see what your child or pet is doing. All recording, the camera will remain on the Google or Yandex disk.

Cameras installed on the street will help to monitor the courtyard, as well as the safety of the car.

Smart sockets will ensure your peace of mind. No more worrying about whether the iron or TV is turned off. If you suddenly forget to do this, just send a command via your smartphone and the smart socket itself will turn off the necessary device. When a dimmer is built into the smart socket, it will allow you to adjust the lighting of the floor lamp or sconce.

Smart home regulates the amount of energy required for devices, not allowing you to take extra. Automation of the heating system can work in the “no one is home” mode. And when the inhabitants return, the heating will work in the same mode.

As a result, electricity bills and heat supply will pleasantly surprise you.