I choose a smart kettle – modern and reliable

06 October 2021

My kettle is out of order again today. It was bought in the spring of 2020. Then the “coronavirus” was at its peak, and local authorities announced a ban on leaving the house. The exception was going to the store. The fear of catching an infection became crucial in planning events. In such an oppressive atmosphere, my teapot could not stand it — and “covered up”.

The solution to the problem was simple: visit a store within walking distance of the house with the right product. Thus, my way lay in the department of household appliances “lEgrand”.

The seller did not allow a detailed inspection of the goods, and limited himself to showing a couple of models similar in functionality. I didn’t buy the most expensive one. After paying with a card, I took home a gift in a box: a Chinese kettle made of stainless steel and plastic. A year later, the kettle remained functional.

But one day it happened that when the vacuum cleaner was running, the kettle cord was inserted into the same outlet. One careless movement that I made — and the kettle was disconnected from the mains along with the vacuum cleaner. As a result of his fall to the floor, it turned out that the plastic cover was irretrievably damaged. I wasn’t ready for this turn of events.

The broken lid made it difficult to use the kettle. In addition, I wanted to see a modern and beautiful piece of household appliances in the kitchen, so that it would be reliable and comfortable to use.

Keeping up with the times

As you know, a one-click purchase is not an innovation for a long time. It is always more convenient to search for any product in the search results, filtering out the necessary characteristics, than offline. You can compare interesting options as much as you like, read descriptions.

My attention was attracted by the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. And when I entered the desired parameters into the search bar, I saw among the proposed multifunctional “smart kettle” equipped with a heating disc.

So, my choice was the “Health” kettle from Xiaomi Mijia Smart with various useful functions:

  • the possibility of remote control using the phone, through the MIJIA application. Thus, by pressing the button, you can make yourself tea without touching the equipment;
  • automatic shutdown to avoid overheating, for example, when there is insufficient water volume;
  • keeping the temperature at the same level for 12 hours is a typical property of a thermos;
  • the case is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, resistant to temperature and mechanical stress. Observing the process of heating and boiling water through the glass, while the case remains cold to the touch, the user is absolutely sure of the mechanical strength of the device;
  • it is available in a complete set with a stainless steel mesh filter for welding;
  • it is possible to set timers and temperature control using built-in control programs;
  • the opportunity not only to brew tea, but also to prepare compote, soup and other desserts or drinks;
  • such a “multifaceted” assistant in the kitchen gives daily pleasure from using, saves mental resources and preserves my health.

Such a teapot can be useful at any time, at least for treating neighbors who accidentally looked in with tea.

Technical specifications

The MYSH0E1ACM model has the following characteristics: operation at a voltage of 220 V, rated frequency – 50 Hz, power – 1000 W; weight – 1.4 kg; volume – 1.5 l. Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz CMIIT ID: 2017DP6053. The material of manufacture is borosilicate glass.

The power adjustment varies in 10 different parameters from 100 watts to 1000 watts. The instruction for studying in Russian is simple and understandable for perception.

Here is such a beautiful teapot I was lucky enough to buy. I hope this, such a useful acquisition at an attractive price, will bring joy to my whole family for many years to come.


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