Possibilities of motion sensors. Benefits for your home

13 January 2022

Wireless sensors are a well-known solution. Some consider them a functional addition to existing systems, while others consider them a waste. What should you know about motion sensors and their capabilities?

First acquaintance

A modern motion sensor is a device that signals the movement of objects in a given area. There are different types of such sensors, differing in functionality and capabilities.

Types of motion sensors The

technology of operation of such devices is based on the analysis of radiation:

  1. light,
  2. sound,
  3. radio waves.

Experts divide the sensors themselves into:

  1. infrared,
  2. ultrasonic,
  3. photoelectric.

PIR – passive infrared sensors are the most popular solutions. Each of the devices based on different technologies have their own strengths and weaknesses. Combined solutions allow you to get the highest possible accuracy of motion detection using different types of sensors.

Application possibilities

Motion detectors are used in a variety of smart home systems. Their integration into many smart home solutions provides additional capabilities and functions.


First of all, sensors are used to control intrusion into premises and to ensure the safety of a house or commercial premises, as well as the adjacent territory.

The sensor can transmit a signal to a security agency or to a user’s mobile device. Any selected scenario can be triggered by the sensor triggering.

Heating and lighting control – saving resources

Lighting control is a very popular solution. This solution allows you to significantly save energy, including light sources only if a person appears in the room. The integration of motion sensors into the lighting system also allows you to dim or completely turn off the light if the room is empty.

The use of sensors together with a heating and air conditioning system allows you to fully heat and cool rooms when there are people in them, reducing the power in empty rooms. Even a temperature change of several degrees leads to significant resource savings.


Modern devices that allow to determine the presence of a person in a room can not only improve security and protection systems at home, but also help to economically use resources. Installing motion sensors and integrating them into heating and lighting systems allows you to get significant savings and quickly recoup this investment. In addition, motion sensors allow you to increase the comfort of using the premises, automatically turning on and off the light according to a programmed scenario.

These discreet gadgets are indispensable elements of automation systems and smart homes. The latter allows you to set up many seemingly non-trivial scenarios that will greatly simplify everyday routine activities and increase the comfort of household members.


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