How to set up smart home lighting

More and more people want to improve their homes, rather than be content with what they have. It is not always the apartment that newcomers buy, in all points corresponds to the desired ideal. Sometimes you need to redevelop, in some cases it will be enough to make cosmetic repairs, and some owners adjust the engineering systems of the house-whether it is Sewerage, heating or power supply.

In a spacious apartment and especially in a country house, it is much easier and more ergonomic to install smart lighting. This is no longer a fantasy or a privilege of the wealthiest people. Now almost everyone can afford such a system.

What is smart lighting?

Smart light is a whole system of light bulbs and other lighting equipment that is powered by the home network and is conveniently configured and regulated. With this equipment, you will no longer need to make a lot of unnecessary gestures, constantly approaching the switch. Moreover, this technique has several lighting modes, in contrast to the classic power supply, when the light is either on or off.

The main advantages of smart lighting:

if you are not present at home for a long time, you can occasionally make it clear that someone is at home;
turning on the light when entering the room;
adjusting the brightness when the TV is turned on;
voice control and other convenient and pleasant bonuses.
How to set up smart home lighting correctly

At the stage of preparation for installation of lighting, it is necessary to make sure that all the necessary elements are compatible. For example, sockets and plugs may have different shapes, and this should be taken into account in advance. Also important in the installation of smart lighting is the resource of the line, its energy consumption and power limit.

Smart lighting can connect to an active WiFi network. How to control the light is up to you. It is more convenient for someone to regulate the system’s functions from a mobile phone or tablet, or for someone to use an Internet browser.

Manage wisely, you can not only light bulbs, but also air conditioners, locks and other elements of your everyday life. Any devices can be included in the system to provide the program with a large-scale picture and control lighting throughout the house accordingly.

Each host will choose a combination that suits them specifically – a set of point-based sensor light sources that respond separately to certain life situations, or complex systems with a Central control unit that have control over the entire network, taking into account the integrated components.

Modern technologies operate not only in closed rooms, but also in open space – for example, on the territory of street courtyards. Now almost in every city of our country, residents are used to the fact that in the dark courtyard lights are lit at the very moment when people pass by them.

Thus, smart lighting is a tribute to modernity, economy and comfort.