Installing Smart Home in Lviv

A smart home (or Smart House) is a system that allows residents of country houses and apartments to feel comfortable in any situation. You can try to equip the system with their own hands, but this is fraught with errors, so the installation of a smart home in Lviv is better to entrust to professionals. Our company will perform all the necessary work in the shortest possible time, and the price of our services will pleasantly surprise you.

Tasks that can be solved by Smart Home
Electrical Appliance Management
Switching heating on and off
Water supply adjustment
Monitoring and control of gas equipment
Permanent control over video surveillance systems
Optimization of fire safety systems
The ability to manage all systems using a mobile gadget
The principle of the system

The principle of operation of any smart home is based on three common elements:

Sensor Analyzer System
A controller that receives all signals and performs actions in accordance with them.
Terminal devices receiving a command from the controller and performing the task

The sensor system required for the correct operation of the Smart Home system is as follows:

External and internal temperature sensors
Water pressure sensor
Gas pressure sensor
Damp sensor
Electrical Sensors
Alarm sensor
Types of Smart Home Systems

All components of the smart home systems can be interconnected via a LAN cable or wireless network. The first option is considered obsolete, but it is more reliable, since it is not affected by external factors, such as interference from radio signals and neighboring Wi-Fi networks. The main disadvantage of such systems is the complexity of installation and maintenance. When problems arise, it is rather difficult to find and eliminate the cause of the problems.

Wireless-controlled systems are more modern, but also more capricious. With the failure of the Internet or problems with the supply of electricity smart home control becomes impossible. On the other hand, wireless control has its advantages – from anywhere in the world you can not only receive information about what is happening in your home, but also set the necessary parameters for all engineering systems. The downside of this type of connection is the need for a permanent connection to the Internet, while you are away from home. This is especially disadvantageous when roaming.

How to order a Smart House in Lviv?

Contact our company, and we will provide the installation of the Smart House in Lviv at the best prices. Our experts will provide advice on any questions you may have. After placing the order, our staff will leave at the address indicated and will perform all the necessary measurements, after which an estimate will be made. It will contain everything, even the smallest details of the cost of installing the system. Thanks to this, you will be able to initially know what the cost of a Smart House will be in Lviv.