Smart home installation in Zaporozhye

Price depends on much

The company is working on the project at all stages, and not just selling equipment and installing it. We develop software, produce equipment. We create both ready projects, and we use an individual approach to the client’s wishes. The price of a smart home in Zaporozhye depends on several indicators:

  • system functionality;
  • a set of devices;
  • price of devices and installation elements;
  • the area of ​​the dwelling and plot;
  • layout.

The final cost of the Smart Home in Zaporozhye will become clear when the technical assignment is agreed.


Think: what are the functions of the Smart Home priority for you? This will allow not to spend too much time on the discussion of options.

We are ready to work with any non-standard wishes of clients. The company’s specialists have considerable experience in creating home control complexes.

What gives a smart home

The intellectual multifunctional structure, first of all, provides comfort and safety of life.

It also allows you to efficiently spend and control resources. It will save you money.

Smart Home Order

You have decided to install an intelligent system in your home. In Zaporozhye you can order the Smart House by going to the calculator page. With the help of a calculator you will be able to roughly calculate the costs.

Drawing up an application

Contact details, name and surname should be indicated. Put down the parameters of the house or apartment. You will receive a commercial email. Further, our staff will begin to develop the project, based on your wishes for the work of the complex and the characteristics you specified.


Pricing is not final until the approval of the technical task. As a result, the price may be lower and higher than previously calculated.

Just take the first step. Contact us – we will help you realize your dreams.