Smart home installation in Uzhgorod

Smart home-housing of modern man, in which the processes of life support and safety of its inhabitants are automated with the help of computer technology. The life support and human security system in a Smart home consists of several nodes that are controlled by more than one server. Each system (water supply, video surveillance, fire safety, heat supply and others) is equipped with a separate control device. All nodes are connected to each other and to the core server.

Important!!! Failure of the main server does not lead to the termination of the functioning of the whole house: each node of the devices of support and control can work independently.

The ability to install a smart home in Uzhgorod-is!

In Uzhgorod, you can build a smart house that can:

maintain a given microclimate and monitor compliance with the established indicators;
control the operation of electrical appliances (do not worry, you turned off the light, leaving the house or not);
has modern systems of water supply, heat supply, ventilation, fire fighting;
it has a universal remote control with which you can control the operation of all devices in the house;
at the request of the customer can be installed system “Multiroom”, which controls the video equipment and allows you to watch movies and listen to music in any room of the house.
may have additional “skills”, up to watering flowers in the garden and in the summer garden in the living room.

The cost of a smart home in Uzhgorod

A smart home is not cheap. The cost of installing a smart home depends on its area, layout, types, quantity, quality of devices that the client wants to install in his house. The cost of a smart home is affected by what kind of life support systems and human security will be installed in the house. The cost of installing the “Smart home” system should be discussed in detail with the company’s managers.

The price for the installation of the house may be different from different companies that perform the installation of equipment. The client is offered various options of systems – very expensive options and quite budget, which can be purchased by representatives of the” middle class ” with an income of 40-50 thousand UAH.

Order smart home in Uzhgorod

To date, the market of “Smart home” systems and services for its installation is quite wide. In SmartHouse you will be listened by competent experts who will help to choose such option of system “Smart house” in which it will be cozy and most comfortable for you to live. Managers of the company will help you choose a management system, which you will quickly learn how to manage, and will enjoy the amenities that will enter Your life with the purchase and installation of the “Smart home”system.

On the company’s website there is an online calculator for calculating the cost of the “Smart home” system and its installation.