Installing a smart home in Ukrainka

We offer you to order a smart home in Ukrainka with a choice of any option with a set of 510 functions. We use modern technological solutions that can transform your everyday life at a reasonable cost. The option involves installing control systems for a set of engineering equipment available in your home, such as a heating system, water supply, ventilation, or home theater. You may need to partially replace and add blocks, modules, so the complexity and cost are always evaluated individually. Even on the same set of equipment, there are different options for equipment, from which the price also differs at times.

Along with the comfort of a “smart house” and provides security. Moreover, the approach to it is multi-level, as do professional security specialists. This means that many sensors are used (fire, smoke, sensors on Windows and doors), which are connected to a common controller that has a connection with all emergency services in the city. At the same time, such a reliable alarm system does not violate privacy in any way and does not consume almost no energy. Fire alarm systems can even have battery power and work in any conditions, regardless of the availability of electricity.

What is the benefit of the smart home system?

In conditions of high energy prices, it is very profitable to install a system that would allow them to save money. Installing a smart home in Ukrainka is the best solution. This is the way you will be able to provide some energy savings while maintaining or even improving comfort. Very often, household processes are not optimized. Heating and ventilation do not always work perfectly. With manual control, they are turned on too long, or Vice versa, too quickly. We suggest that you entrust these questions to modern automation. Initially, analogues of the “smart home” system appeared in industrial production to control critical technological processes, and now they are available to you.

Control from a smartphone

Managing household chores from a smartphone is a dream of many. The SmartHouse system will make it real. The word “Smart” here is chosen to mean “smart” and not a smartphone, but one does not exclude the other. It is quite simple for our specialists to coordinate the combined engineering systems in the house with the mobile application. In addition, this option will insure against errors, but will retain the possibility of manual direct control, for example, ventilation or heating.

The cost of a smart home in Ukrainka is quite affordable, as we use modern solutions using microelectronics. Due to this, together with the low cost, a rich functionality is obtained. Even in the budget system, there will certainly be opportunities to Supplement and modernize it in the future.

For installation, cost calculation depending on the functionality, please contact our website in contacts. Your application, left at any time, will be considered.