Installation of Smart Home in Sumy

Going to work or on a trip in the morning, can you be sure that in your absence there will be no flood, fire in the house? Do you always know for sure that all electrical appliances are turned off? If comfort, safety and control over housing are important to you, you have certainly heard about the SmartHouse technology.

What it is

Smart home technology appeared at the beginning of this century. The principle of operation is that electrical appliances are connected to sensors. Information is transmitted to a single control center, after which it is displayed on a special remote control, and is also duplicated in a smartphone application. Thus, the installation of a smart home in Sumy allows you to get complete information about the condition of the room, to monitor the operation of devices in real time, being anywhere in the world.

Why choose SmartHouse

There are 3 reasons to order a smart home in Sumy:

Comfort. Smart home is a system where all devices work the way you want it to. You can set the operating time of the coffee machine, TV, adjust the light and noise sensors. The whole house will work for the comfort of the owner;
Security. The system minimizes the risk of fire, flood, and also reports the intrusion of outsiders. The image from surveillance cameras can be viewed from any device with Internet access. Even being in another city or country, you will be sure that everything is in order at home.
Control. The SmartHouse smart home system displays the amount of electricity and water consumed. These data allow you to identify devices with maximum and minimum resource consumption. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of utilities after you implement the technology.
How to order

The quality of the system depends largely on the correctness of its installation and configuration. Our company is a team of professionals who make any home comfortable and safe.

It is worth remembering that the cost of a smart home in Sumy depends on:

The number of installed sensors. The client can equip them with the entire room or a certain category of devices.
Area of ​​the served territory;
Additional options.

Thanks to the coordinated and professional work of employees, the room becomes safe and cozy. A smart home is a real home where everything is created for your comfort and safety.

In order to appreciate all the advantages of modern technology, you need to fill out a simple form on our website. In just a few minutes you will receive a preliminary calculation of the cost of the system and installation work.

The indicated price is formed on the basis of customer data and is not final. It can be changed after the company’s specialists study the technical characteristics of the room.

Our task is to make your life comfortable. We are ready to develop an option to equip the house that will satisfy the needs of the client as much as possible, while the project price will also remain within the given budget.