Installation of Smart Home in Slavutich

More recently, SmartHouse was something fantastic, but today it is not difficult to turn an ordinary home into a “smart home”. The functions of “smart home” allow not only to monitor the amount of products in your refrigerator, but also make the life of all households much more comfortable and safer.
Where to order SmartHouse installation
You can order a smart home in Slavutich at the MimiSystems company. We have been working for more than 15 years, and the scope of our business includes not only the installation of electronic systems of “smart home”, but also the development of our own software for these systems. Our company occupies a leading place among firms that are engaged in the improvement of intelligent systems, as well as their introduction into widespread use. The cost of a smart home in Slavutich will be more affordable if the customer uses the services of our company.
What are the functions of a smart home?
The SmartHouse system from MimiSystems allows you to manage:
• electrical appliances;
• household appliances;
• lighting devices;
• automatic blinds;
• air conditioning system;
• heating system;
• ventilation system;
• intercom.
In private households, a system for managing irrigation and monitoring the status of water in the pool is provided. Also, the “smart home” system maintains detailed statistics, which allows you to control all expenses regarding utilities.
Security and CCTV
Installation of a smart home in Slavutich may also include the installation of video surveillance and security systems. Video cameras are installed in the most important places, and with the help of these cameras around the clock surveillance of the house. All information is recorded on digital media. Using a video surveillance system, you can control your home even in the absence of owners, in real time – via the Internet.
Installing SmartHouse will provide the user with additional security. The security system of the “smart home” carries out continuous monitoring of all vital engineering systems, and along with this monitors the penetration of unauthorized persons inside the house. The security system is equipped with numerous sensors that not only respond to any movement in the house at the time of your absence, but also behind the smoke and gas contamination inside the room. The SmartHouse security system will in time recognize an unauthorized entry into the house, a gas leak or a fire, and will promptly notify the owner of the problem via SMS.
Also, the functions of a smart home include:
1. Alarm clock.
2. Answering machine.
How to order installation of Smart House
To install a “smart home” quickly, efficiently and inexpensively, you need to visit the website of the MimiSystems company. A potential customer will find all the necessary contact information on the site, which is collected in the “Contacts” section. The site also shows the price of the entire range of services, and a list of features that will be available to the customer after installing SmartHouse. To place an order, you just need to call the phone number listed on the site, or send the order by e-mail.