Installing a Smart home in rzhishchev

SmartHouse company will perform quickly and professionally such a service as the installation of a smart home in rzhishchev. The main goal of the company is to improve the standard of living, to bring more safety and comfort to everyday life, and to help people with disabilities. The team of SmartHouse specialists understands that this is possible and knows how to implement it! It is worth considering life in a Smart home not as a luxury, but as a modern and affordable model for everyone.

What is a smart home?

During design and construction, few people think about such aspects as efficiency, convenience and ease of management. SmartHouse creates comfort for You. Comfort in controlling light, music, floor heating, climate and other systems.

You left the house and are late for work, but on the way suddenly remembered that you did not turn off the light or iron. Calmly take the phone and check the status of the systems. With one click, you can adjust the light, music, climate to your desired scenario. To do this, you should order a smart house in rzhishchev from SmartHouse.

Main advantages of the Smart home system
Comfort. Thanks to SmartHouse solutions, you will be able to manage air conditioning systems, supply and exhaust ventilation, water heating and space heating systems, warm floors.
Universality. The Smart home system is assembled as a constructor for each specific space and customer requests. Thanks to the ability to connect a different number of blocks, smart house SmartHouse is successfully installed in both Studio apartments and multi-storey residential buildings with an area of 200 sq. m.
Security. The SmartHouse system will ensure the proper level of security for Your home. If a leak, fire, or gas leak is detected, the system will immediately attempt to eliminate the danger and alert the owners with an SMS alert and an alarm sound.
Price. The company provides solutions that can afford any person in the Russian reality. Make sure that the cost of a smart home in rzhishchev profitable.
The possibility of Smart home system

With the SmartHouse system, you can:

to control lighting;
regulate the temperature and humidity in the house;
ensure the safety of your home;
manage your home multimedia systems.

SmartHouse offers a wide variety of modern solutions, thanks to which your floor will always be warm, and stay in the house – the most comfortable. Experts will offer electric Underfloor heating systems that have proven themselves to create a comfortable environment in a private home. Also, the warm floor in the apartment perfectly helps as an additional heating of urban areas. Solid experience in this field, close cooperation with leading manufacturers of heating equipment allow us to successfully implement projects on the device of floor heating systems of any scale.

Multiroom systems in a Smart home allow you to control music with one touch. Turn on the music panel in the kitchen, video in the living room, and in the children’s cartoons. You can also use keyboard panels with displays that can be customized at will. You will be pleasantly surprised by the ability to choose any color for the panels and the ability to apply any labels. Manage the light, curtains, climate when it is necessary. Turn on background music while cooking dinner or Breakfast. Turn on the viewing of family photos during a dinner party. Manage your comfort.

Going to the airport or already on vacation, standing in traffic or sitting in the office anywhere, at any time you can turn something on or off. Going to the country to celebrate the new year? Take care of comfort in advance, set the necessary temperature in the house in advance and warm up the water in the pool. All this is possible with the smart home system from SmartHouse!