Smart home installation in Rovno

Everyday life every day ceases more closely associated with innovative technologies. The electronics market is updated, it is filled with new more advanced devices. These are tracking and security systems. Installation of such devices leads to an increase in the level of protection against fire and penetration into the living or working space of intruders.

Our company offers assistance in this regard. With us, integration into the “Smart home” system will be fast and without critical errors. This is due to the presence of the masters of the company’s experience, knowledge and the necessary tools for rapid installation.

What does our company offer?

Our company has become a leader among other companies providing services in the field of development of security devices settings. We started connecting SmartHouse systems earlier than others. Installation of smart home in Rivne is our main specialization. Plug-in protection works on special ZigBee technology. The control is carried out by means of wireless communication. Our “Smart home” is a system consisting of several devices. The control is performed with the use of gadgets. It can be a phone, tablet or smart bracelet.

Control sensors included in the kit

The system includes several devices: camera with Wi-Fi, fitness tracker, Bluetooth and GPS/GLONASS geotracker. Using the phone will be able to monitor the status of the equipment. Life Control smart home allows you to configure remotely. With the help of a personal account monitor statistics, remove the indicators of sensors and download the video archive. The set of controllers includes the following:

Water leak sensor MCLH-07. The device reacts to water on the floor.
Smoke detector MCLH-06. Mounted high on the wall or ceiling. The area of action reaches 20 square meters.
MCLH-04 detector. It is the sensor opening/closing of doors and Windows.
Intelligent lamp. It is possible to install scripts. This is the adjustment of light and brightness.
Motion detector MCLH-05. It can be adjusted so that the device does not react to animals.
Air quality detector. The device controls how clean the air is.
Order smart home in Rivne

The cost of a smart home in Rivne, you can check with our operator. We connect reliable and accurate equipment, the price of which is fully justified. Special attention should be paid to the set of operating instructions of the device. It is so well designed that there are no problems during setup. The instructions describe the specifics of the operation of each individual element. The control algorithm with the help of mobile add-ons is presented in detail. The documents are in electronic form on the website.

Do not miss the chance to order the connection of the Smart Home system now. Call the operator to discuss further cooperation. Our specialist will be happy to answer your questions. It is always profitable and comfortable to cooperate with our company.