Installation of Smart Home in Poltava

Smart home systems are truly progressive home comfort management solutions prepared for any situation. The failure of one module does not cause problems in the work of others. The cost of a smart home in Poltava fully meets the high level of service that the customer of the system receives.


In preparing the installation, take into account the necessary functions of the smart home now and in the future:

Alarm and security center. Statistics show that buildings equipped with SmartHouse systems are safer than ordinary buildings. This applies not only to burglary, but also to fires or flooding. The functionality depends on the encryption algorithms used to protect data transmission between modules.

Smart energy saving system. Intelligent electrical installation is a guarantee of saving resources in the coming years.

Extra comfort. Wireless control of home lighting via WiFi. Installing a smart home will allow the atmosphere and comfort of the home with the help of special software on a smartphone even remotely:

include heating, coffee machine and pleasant music;
adjust the lighting level;
water the lawn;
turn off the water tap;
control the closing of windows and doors.
Pricing services

The price for each individual project is justified by special additions. It all depends on the functional extensions of the system. Creating a highly intelligent control system, the company’s engineers tried to maximize the quality of the modules.

Even the simplest installation definitely increases comfort and energy savings. the user will be able to control almost the entire house from a distance.

Intellectual installation in the apartment

Smart apartment in Poltava? Why not! Smart space is not just extensive systems in large homes. Installing a smart home in Poltava can be successfully used in small apartments. Thanks to the advanced control of lighting, heating and home cinema, such systems significantly increase comfort and bring significant savings.

Our company provides compact wireless modules. Installation does not require major changes in the wiring. The work done by in-house craftsmen ensures the highest quality!

At what stage of construction can the system be ordered?

The sooner such a decision is made, the less there will be functional limitations in choosing the best system. Although you can order a smart home in Poltava in an already constructed building. Intelligent modules are manufactured using the highest quality components from world leading suppliers. Because of this, they rarely fail. The company provides a guarantee for its services.

Take advantage of the offers of certified smart home system installer, which will offer a decent arsenal of interesting configuration solutions.