Installing a smart home in Mironovka

The high level of modern engineering systems leads to the fact that the owners of suburban housing is quite difficult to manage their functionality. In order to ensure maximum comfort and safety, save electricity, gas and water, an innovative development called SmartHouse – smart home is used.

Installation of a smart home in Mironovka implies the presence of integrated management, whose task is to control the operation of water supply, lighting, heating, ventilation, security alarm, thus ensuring maximum coherence of all intra-house systems.

Features of the Smart home system

Once all the elements are connected to the sensors of movement, temperature, wind, light in a single complex, the owner of the home can program the system so that it corresponds to his preferences and lifestyle. You can configure absolutely everything: the temperature of the water heating in the boiler and heating system, the time of turning on the light in the corridor and hall, the brightness of outdoor lighting, etc.

A smart home can be programmed to match the rhythm of life of its owner and his family as much as possible. For example, if there are no people in the house, the heating goes into economy mode, and the air conditioner stops working. Outdoor video surveillance in this case is brought to a state of heightened vigilance, if you try to get inside the cottage unwanted visitors, the security service will be immediately notified.

By the time the owners of the house appear, all the equipment of the cottage goes into a pre-programmed mode. The “Smart home” complex can independently calculate the change of all available parameters, thereby significantly reducing the consumption of electricity, water and gas.

You can order a Smart home in Mironovka on the website of the manufacturer. To do this, you need to make an application. Our experts will consult you online, and also calculate the approximate cost of housing equipped with the latest electronic equipment, its area and number of floors, according to the requirements of the client.

Save wisely

What determines the price of a room equipped with an innovative management scheme? Despite the fact that at first glance the cost of a Smart home in Mironovka is quite high, it is very profitable to buy such housing. This is confirmed by studies of domestic and foreign experts.

Thanks to the optimization of control systems and constant monitoring, the energy consumption of a smart home is reduced almost twice in comparison with standard housing of the same area. If the operation of any node is disrupted, the smart home can turn it off and notify the repair service about the fault, or send a message about the failure to the home owner.

The service life of engineering systems of traditional housing before major repairs is limited to 30 years, while the smart home scheme can work twice as long.