Installation of a smart home in Lysychansk

Living in a smart home provides many practical and functional benefits, as well as endless home comforts and entertainment for homeowners and their families. As an innovation expert, MimiSystems can combine various elements of a smart home of its own production, and professionally install these elements in customers’ homes – at the lowest cost and highest quality. The price of home automation in this company is very affordable.

Thanks to the experience of MimiSystems and industry understanding, the highest quality services are provided for installing any components and systems of a smart home. With the help of home automation, a person has the opportunity to manage his home from the palm of his hand, and radically change his lifestyle, making it more pleasant and convenient.

Smart home installation

The MimiSystems company is engaged in home automation throughout Ukraine. To order a smart home in Lysychansk is not a difficult task. It is enough to call the office of the company and leave a request. MimiSystems has been operating in this industry for over 15 years, and not only installs, but also develops electronic systems and software for the smart home.

MimiSystems has representative offices in all major cities of Ukraine. To leave a request, the customer must call the phone numbers that are listed on the company’s website. You can also directly contact the offices of MimiSystems, whose addresses are also on the site.

Smart Home Features

MimiSystems has developed its own system that allows you to fully manage the functionality of not only an ordinary apartment, but also a private cottage or office. The installation of a smart home in Lysychansk will be as fast and high-quality as in any other major city in the country. What systems does a smart home control?

Lighting. Flexible lighting controls emphasize architecture and interior design. With the help of a smart home, you can configure the right lighting, and turn it on at the right time. Also, with the help of automation systems you can control the blinds. This will allow the most efficient use of natural light. With the help of a smart home, you can also configure automatic lighting control, which will allow you to control the intensity of lighting and choose the most convenient combinations of lighting fixtures.
Multimedia. With the help of a smart home, you can also effectively control television equipment and music centers. Management is carried out both from a smartphone or tablet, and from a touch-sensitive wall device. Right from the palm of your hand, the homeowner will be able to control the angle of rotation of the TV screen, as well as use all the features of the music center.
Climate control. The smart home system also includes an intelligent thermostat, with which you can better control and automate both the heating system and the air conditioning system. With the help of a smart house, you can differentially heat the entire house and disconnect non-residential rooms from heating.
Cameras and intercoms. The SmartHouse system also allows you to control CCTV cameras and video intercoms, as well as receive notifications for mobile applications when, in the absence of owners, motion sensors detect any movement in the house. The “smart home” system also allows for the absence of owners to automatically use lighting and blinds, creating the illusion that there is someone in the house.
Security. The installation of the “smart home” system also improves the overall security of the home. The system will always notify the owner of any danger – smoke or fire, and will promptly send a message to the smartphone.
Issue price

The cost of a smart home in Lysychansk directly depends on the volume of home automation. The system “smart home” can be connected as one system, say, lighting control, and the maximum possible number of systems.