Installing Smart Home in Krivoy Rog

The SmartHouse system can be implemented both in a large private house and in a regular apartment. Contacting our company, you can order its installation in your own country house or in a small apartment. Each of these options has its own characteristics.

Smart House for an apartment

The main advantages of the systems of the Smart Home for an apartment compared to their own home is cost-effectiveness. Due to the absence of the need to install some systems and sensors, you can save a significant amount of money.

When installing the Smart Home in the apartment are not needed:

Sensors for surveillance (the only exception is the camera above the entrance door).
Street lighting sensors.
Irrigation system sensors.

In addition, the savings are due to the smaller floor space, and, consequently, the smaller footage of wires.

Smart home

In order to equip such a system in your own home will require large expenditures. Unlike installing a Smart Home in an apartment, you need a more complex system for your own home. The fact is that in addition to the interior, the Smart House will control the courtyard and the surrounding area. There will be needed both motion sensors installed around the perimeter and connected to the cameras, and sensors for turning the irrigation system on and off, as well as many other things that are not useful for arranging such a system in an apartment.

Installing a Smart Home in Krivoy Rog is the main specialization of our company. Contact us and we will help you design and install the system in any room.

Types of Smart Home Systems

There are 2 options to order a Smart Home in Krivoy Rog – centralized and decentralized systems.

Centralized Smart Home

The principle of operation of such a system is based on the connection of all devices to a single controller, which receives signals from each of the installed sensors and, based on their interpretation, decides on further actions.

The main advantage of such a system is ease of operation and maintenance. There is no need to program each sensor or sensor – it is enough to set the central controller with a certain algorithm of actions in this or that situation.

The disadvantage of such a system is that when the controller fails, the Smart Home shuts down completely.

Decentralized Smart Home

A fundamental difference from the above system is the complete autonomy of all sensors. Each of them is supplied with a separate power supply, and, moreover, each sensor is assigned an individual setting. The main advantage of such a system is that when one of the nodes fails, all other components of the Smart Home continue to function. The price of such a system is higher than centralized, but its benefits are more than worth the costs.

The cost of a smart home in Krivoy Rog can vary from the above parameters. But in any case, our company can offer you the most optimal rates and the shortest possible time for the installation of these systems. Contact us and get Smart Home at the best prices.