Installation of Smart Home in Khmelnitsky

An ideal home is impossible to buy. It can only be created. Consistent with your desires and requirements, or even anticipating them. Since 2004, the team of MimiSystems professionals has been doing just that. Intelligent control systems allow you to make the house as comfortable and safe as possible according to international standards. But the price is quite acceptable for domestic consumers. Therefore, the installation of a smart home in Khmelnitsky is not an unattainable dream, but a very real story.

What is MimiSmart Smart Home

This is a whole system that allows you to monitor the situation and manage all the utilities of the house to create the perfect atmosphere and at the same time saving resources and money. You will be able to manage:

electrical appliances;
watering, etc.

For example: during your absence there will not be excessive heating of the room, but by your arrival the temperature will be ideal. Or, while you are resting away from home, the lights will turn on and off and voices will sound, scaring off the robbers. This is in addition to the basic security system.

What is the cost of smarthouse

To calculate the full cost of a smart home in Khmelnitsky you need:

identify all the necessary functions;
make a complete list of equipment;
write and agree on the terms of reference (TOR);
make a project.

You can calculate the approximate cost using the calculator on the company’s website.

Why it is worth ordering a smart home in Khmelnitsky at the MimiSystems company

Because all products are certified in accordance with UKRSEPRO (standards). The system is reliable, and failure of one unit will not be a big problem – the units are autonomous. The system will deal with the breakdown and solve the problem. If an emergency occurs in the city’s electrical system, Smart Home will turn on its own battery reserves.

Management is made from one panel on the smartphone. You can be anywhere and just use the Internet. It’s easy and simple to manage, even a child copes with it. Appetite comes with eating, as you know, and if you want to expand the list of functions, this will be done without shutting down the entire system.

Our experts will help you choose the optimal configuration, and the personal manager will regulate the creation of the entire complex. The system uses the best components, the highest quality, and malfunctions are an unusual rarity. For any questions, round-the-clock technical support will answer. A complete turnkey creation package, without additional contractors, saves up to 40% of the customer’s funds and reduces time.

To create your dream home, you need to take the first step – contact the professionals of the MimiSystems company. The rest is our concern. Starting with the initial consultation on creating your SmartHouse specifically. And up to support and maintenance during all the time of using the system of ideal comfort and high quality of life.