Installation of Smart Home in Fastov

Everyday life is becoming more and more closely connected with innovative technologies. The electronics market is being updated. It is filled with new, more advanced devices. SmartHouse is one such innovation. These are tracking and security systems. Suitable for both a small apartment and suburban real estate. In Fastov, such functionality is ordered very often.

Installation of the presented devices leads to increased security in case of fire and intrusion into a living or working space. The cost depends on several indicators: a set of system functions, the number of devices, the price of the devices used. Our company assists in this area by installing the highest quality modules. The installation price is minimal.

Monitoring sensors included

The system includes several devices: a camera with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a GPS / GLONASS geo-tracker. The owner of the house will be able to monitor the status of the device using a smartphone. Installing a smart home in Fastov provides for remote configuration. Using a personal account, our clients monitor statistics, configure touch indicators and download a video archive. The controller kit includes:

MCLH-07. This is a water leak sensor. The device responds to liquid on the floor.
Smoke Detector MCLH-06. Mounted high on a wall or ceiling. Coverage reaches 20 square meters.
MCLH-04 detector. This is a sensor for opening / closing doors and windows.
MCLH-05 motion sensor. It can be configured so that the device does not respond to animals.
Air quality detector. The device controls the cleanliness of the room and determines the presence of unpleasant odors.
The benefits of smart home

The main task of the intelligent complex Smart Home is to ensure the comfort and safety of people living. The improvements will immediately be felt by the person who decided to order a smart home in Fastov. A multifunctional system allows you to effectively spend and control resources. Real money savings guaranteed. With us, integration with the Smart Home system is fast and without critical errors. This is due to the presence of the company’s masters experience, knowledge and necessary tools for operational installation. Among the other advantages of cooperation:

we have the best price for a smart home in Fastov;
providing a guarantee for all types of blocks;
quick installation without damaging the interior.
Order installation of a smart home system

The cost of installation, as well as the specifics of the operation of the devices, you can check with our specialist. We offer reliable and accurate equipment, the price of which will fully pay off. The set of operating instructions for the device deserves special attention. They describe the specifics of each element. Do not miss the opportunity to order a connection to the system now. Call the operator to discuss further cooperation. He will be happy to answer your questions. Cooperation with our company is always profitable and convenient.