Installation of Smart home in the river

Ordering the Smart Home system in Dnipro is simple – just contact our company SmartHouse. Considering your wishes, we will do everything to realize your dreams!

What determines the price

SmartHouse not only designs and carries out installation work on the installation of the management complex – the company also develops its own software. Equipment is also our development. The price of a smart home in Dnipro is calculated upon application.

The cost of the project consists of indicators:

    • system functionality;
    • a set of devices;
    • price of devices;
    • floor space;
    • dwelling layout.

The final cost of the Smart Home in Dnipro will become clear after the approval of the technical task.


It should be determined: which of the parameters are of primary importance to you? This will allow you to quickly determine the final version, without stopping on those features that are less relevant to you.

We are committed to satisfying the most unusual customer requests, because we want you to get the best result. Employees of the company have extensive experience in designing home control complexes.

Advantages of the Smart Home System

You will get a higher level of comfort and safety of life.

The intelligent multifunctional structure allows you to effectively control and expend resources, ensuring their work in optimal mode. Thereby you significantly save money.

How to order?

In Dnipro, you can order the Smart House by logging into the SmartHouse website. You will need to provide your contact information. Describe exactly what features you need, attach a plan of your apartment or house. In response to your email you will receive a commercial offer. Focusing on it, you will more clearly imagine the upcoming expenses.

Important! When coordinating the project, changes are possible, since your wishes can be adjusted. Depending on this price may vary.

Then the company employees will start working on the chosen option of the house management structure. Based on the wishes, create your dream home. Just do the main thing – contact our company!