Installation of Smart Home in Cherkasy

One of the new popular services in the city of Cherkasy (Ukraine, Cherkasy region) was the service of managing the comfort and functionality of a residential building called “Smart House”.

Installation of a smart home in Cherkasy – this service was offered by SmartHouse, whose offices are located in the cities of Kiev and Kharkov, and at the same time, the company also provides a similar service in other Ukrainian cities and towns.

What is a Smart Home service or product?

This is a specialized home control system that uses advanced ‘intelligence distribution technology’, working on the principle of combining various systems involved in it for domestic needs, which include: power supply, climate and air conditioning, security and video surveillance system, control of various household appliances and devices ( music, kitchen appliances, remote control elements), united in a single multifunctional network and under a single software shell.

The choice of the Smart Home system depends on the individual preferences of the client, and its main task is to provide the customer with the maximum and individual level of comfort and safety, providing all his necessary needs and solving the problem of maximizing budget savings.

The Smart Home system, depending on the selected software scenario, allows you to manage:

video surveillance;
air conditioning and microclimate;
music (‘multiroom’ mode) – music control without additional installation of special equipment in each of the rooms, and also additionally outputs sound from the intercom to audio speakers, and implement other similar functions.
additional care of the garden – in case of insufficient soil moisture or in accordance with a certain schedule, the system will be able to irrigate plants and monitor their condition according to the program

What is the cost of a smart home in Cherkasy?

Since each customer may have their own preferences in terms of functioning, as well as a set of necessary functions, taking into account the cost of the equipment used or purchased, the cost calculation will be done individually according to the project agreed with the customer.

In addition, the price of the system will depend on the area and layout of the house, which will affect the cost of laying and installing the necessary communications. The system itself is a software application developed for the customer and installed on his tablet or smartphone and solves all the tasks necessary for the client.

How to order a smart home in Cherkasy?

For this purpose, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the offer of this service on the SmartHouse website and leave a request on it by filling out the appropriate form or by contacting a manager who will also be interested in these data. On the site you can find the cost calculator and get the preliminary cost of the work.