Installing a Smart home in Brovary

Installing a smart home in Brovary is an opportunity to change your life comfort for the better.

With SmartHouse Smart Home system you can control all devices in your home – from lighting and blinds to ventilation and heating.

You can control them from anywhere inside or outside the building.

The basis of a smart home

Smart home switches are the basis for such a system. They are used to connect all components to a single network and then provide the user with a control panel. Basically they connect to a Wi-Fi router, so residents can control all devices with a smartphone or laptop from anywhere in the world where there is Internet coverage.

Control panels are tiny blocks that differ in components (and thus performance) and compatibility (i.e. functionality). They are most often created for a specific home automation system or for communication technologies.

Functional components
Intelligent sensor

Smart sensors are the most important components that can be connected to a Central unit. Like classic components of this type, their task is to identify threats and dangerous situations and warn family members. In many cases, fast response is very important, so gas or carbon monoxide sensors can often save lives.

In turn, the flood sensors can help protect against huge unexpected expenses. Door and window sensors as well as motion sensors can protect against burglary and theft. Of course, these are only examples, which are supplemented, among other things, by temperature and lighting sensors.

Basic smart sensors:

    • intelligent carbon monoxide sensors
    • smart smoke detectors
    • intelligent gas sensors
    • intelligent flood sensors
    • intelligent door and window sensors
    • intelligent motion sensors
    • intelligent light sensors
    • temperature sensor.

Smart sockets

Smart sockets seem simple and are actually one of the most interesting components of a smart home. Thanks to them, the management of consumer electronics becomes easier than ever before.

The biggest advantage is that the user is given the ability to enable or disable connected devices remotely. For example, the ability to turn off the bedside lamp without getting out of bed.

Most smart plug devices also allow you to set a schedule (for example, automatically turn off devices after 22.00). A very interesting feature is also the function of monitoring the use of electricity by individual devices, so we can find out what most negatively affects the amounts in the bills.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is one of the most popular solutions for a smart home. This is because on the one hand it increases comfort, and on the other – is extremely effective. The simplest led lamps allow you to simply turn on and off the light, more complex – to adjust the intensity of light, and ceiling lights sometimes even allow you to change the color.

What do you need to order?

To order a smart home in Brovary, please contact our managers. We will calculate the cost of a smart home in Brovary depending on the configuration – the price will please you!