Installing an ip-intercom with the calculation of its cost

13 January 2022

There is a misconception that one resident cannot put an intercom with a camera without the knowledge of other residents of all floors. In part, yes, the participation of the rest of the tenants of the house should be. However, it is quite possible to install suchin a panel, apartment building technology, if you turn to the services of such companies as Intersvyaz. Experts pointed out several points on the installation of an ip-intercom:

  • Preoperative assessment of the facility (number of floors, apartments, management form, etc.);
  • Registration and conclusion of an agreement with a specified price;
  • Appointment of the brigade and control of work;
  • Reliability check, testing.

Territorial assessment

Before announcing the amount, a company representative must check all the nuances that may affect the cost of installing an ip-intercom. In a multi-storey building, intercom should be carried out for all apartments, following the installation of the “Smart House”. Therefore, there is a counting of apartments and floors for wire communication to the door of the house.

A connection is also established with the intercom installation company. The subsequent operation must be certified by the district administration. Without this, actions are considered unauthorized. However, if this is done on the initiative of the local government, then these steps should be considered to ensure that the residents of the house are aware of the installation of the device. In other cases, arbitrariness is suppressed by a fine.

Scouting Competitors and Reducing Tariffs

To develop a consistent intercom installation company requires an assessment of the competitors operating in your area. The importance lies in identifying the tariff for video surveillance and intercom. The tariff is confirmed by the district administration and the tax service. The tariff affects the price of installing an ip-intercom. If there are several tariffs in the area, the leading, demanded option is identified. Subsequently, the company selects a tariff that will be lower than that of competitors. Even if there are objections from other companies to install the intercom with the offer of their services, the operator can reject, building his verdict on the basis of tariffication.

Calculation of the cost

So, after all the checks, the stage of signing the contract begins. A form is attached to it, on which the services of the company are indicated with the amount indicated opposite them. If you take the installation of an intercom on a 9-storey building with 4 apartments on each floor, then the equipment will cost about $ 450. Added to this is the cost of materials, about $ 100. Further, for 2 hours of work of a team of two specialists, it will take $ 50. At the end, work with residents is taken into account, costing $ 120.

On average, such an order costs $ 750. The installation itself does not take much time. At the same time, a significant preparatory path is being made for the certification of papers and preparation for the operation. Every little thing is taken into account so that the intercom can serve as long as possible.


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