Smart Home Light — what it is and how it works

At first glance, the automatic control system for a country house looks like an excessive luxury. However, if you carefully calculate all the benefits and financial results, it turns out that this is not the case at all.

Automatic control of the energy supply system can help save considerable money that home owners spend on lighting, ventilation and air conditioning of premises. The “smart light” system integrated into the automatic control system of the house will allow you to solve such problems:

Organize efficient, economical lighting of premises;
It can be used in a passive security system, being an integrated part of the alarm system;
Organize the smooth operation of the greenhouse or winter garden on those days when the owners are absent.
Smart lighting

With the help of the “smart home” system, the lighting of the premises and the surrounding area can be organized in such a way as to achieve maximum electricity savings. For example, the system can be synchronized with a network of motion and volume sensors-this will allow you to program it so that the lighting turns on automatically and only in those places where a person is at that moment. If a person leaves the illuminated space, the light is turned off as unnecessary.

You can configure the system in different modes, depending on the time of day. For example, at night, a bright set is not so necessary — the operation of lighting equipment with the onset of night time will automatically switch to dim mode.

It would seem that the system costs a lot of money, but after calculating the benefits of saving electricity only on the organization of effective lighting, your opinion will quickly change.

Smart Light — Smart Security

The automatic lighting system can be synchronized with the system of motion sensors, both in the premises of the house, and along the perimeter of the land plot and in the yard. Such a technological symbiosis can be used as a structural element of the overall security system.

As you know, attackers like to act in the dark. If working video cameras and motion sensors are installed around the perimeter of the yard, then thieves will never try to enter the house during the day. Maintaining constant lighting throughout the yard and around the perimeter of the land plot during the entire autumn-winter period on each long winter night is expensive and pointless. It is much more rational to equip the perimeter with motion sensors, cameras and a smart lighting system.

If intruders try to enter the yard through the fence, the smart home system will be turned on, which will illuminate the space that has been penetrated. The cameras will record what is happening, and the security system will automatically send a signal and image to the owner and the security company.

Smart light in the winter garden

The smart lighting system will help you organize a greenhouse or winter garden, even in a house that you visit only periodically during the winter months. As you know, plants constantly need light. Smart lighting can be set up so that even the most demanding crops and tropical plants get the right dose of ultraviolet light every day.