Smart home

08 February 2022

Phone awhich greatly facilitates the performance of everyday tasks). All this is of course interesting and useful, but many are interested in the question – how much will the system service cost? For example, let’s take the most popular sensors for the home and calculate their cost:

  1. Installing a video surveillance system in each room with night vision mode and the ability to view video via a smartphone (it is especially needed if you are often away from home and you need to constantly monitor everything that happens around the clock online, and also all videos are saved in the cloud and will be available to you all the time) – one of the simplest cameras will cost from $50.
  2. Installation of “smart” light bulbs (they come in different colors, sizes and modes, and control, switching on and off is carried out through a mobile application or by contacting Alice’s voice assistant) – one light bulb will be around $ 20.
  3. “Smart socket” (you can connect a freshener, vacuum cleaners, charge gadgets and much more to it, and it will also warn and turn off appliances in case of a short circuit). Management is carried out using a mobile application, and one outlet will cost about $17.
  4. “Smart kettle” (usizg a mobile application or voice commands, you can turn it on and off even if you are not at home and remember that you forgot to turn off the kettle). The simplest model will cost from $80.
  5. “Smart speaker Alice” is a very necessary and useful thing in everyday life (thanks to it, you can control all the sensors from the “smart home”, as well as listen to music, read books, talk, answer calls, search for information, etc.). It takes into account all your data and tries to optimize as best as possible, but its cost starts from $ 100
  6. “Smart pet feeder” (an indispensable thing for those who have animals) The feeder is equipped with a sound sensor and a video camera that allows you to constantly monitor your pet , but the price will bite, because their cost starts from $ 200.


This is only part of the whole smart home system, there are many other sensors ranging from smart sheets to smart curtains. In principle, this is not so expensive considering that such a system will last a long time, and the entire cost of the above sensors will cost about $ 500, but this is without taking into account the “smart” feeder. I am glad that all these things can be installed by yourself without special knowledge, specialists and spending no more than 30 minutes on it, the main thing is that there is good Wi-fi in the house, because the sensors of the usual mobile Internet may not be synchronized. In the mobile application, you can adjust everything and be sure that the house will be under the reliable control of the system.