Installation of a Smart house in a country house, cottage

If you live in a cottage, you simply need the Smart Home system for a country house!

When working away from the place where you live, it is important to constantly be confident in the safety of your home. Coming there after a busy day, I want maximum comfort. This will help you home automation, which will turn it into an ideal place to live. A team of our experienced specialists will help you choose and install the equipment of a Smart Home for a country house.

What functions exist in the Smart House for a cottage?

Here are some:

  • security;
  • CCTV
  • pool control;
  • indoor climate control;
  • watering system.

The security and video surveillance system performs security functions and communications control. It provides complete control over the movement both inside the cottage and within the site. Guarantees against penetration by strangers. You can remotely monitor life in your home using a smartphone.

If there is a long absence, then you can provide an imitation of presence. Then at the right time in the house there will be quiet voices and music, lights will come on, curtains will open and close. All this will help prevent the entry of unwanted visitors.

In order to prevent accidents, in the Smart Country House, sensors of water leakage and gas leakage are installed, which will shut off the flow and transmit an alarm signal. Smoke detectors will protect against fire.

The pool can also be included in the home automation of the Smart Home. The system will independently pick up water, warm it up to the desired temperature and, if necessary, clean it. She will also monitor the state of the pool, decide that it is time to change the water, bring the water level to the desired indicator. The pool will become a real resort within walking distance!

If there are green areas or just a well-kept lawn on the territory of a country house, then solutions for Smart House cottages include a variety of watering systems.

Inside the house there are rooms where you need to maintain a certain temperature and humidity – a wine cellar, a library, basements? Then in the smart cottage system it is possible to provide sensors for automatic climate control.

When cold weather comes, the Smart House system for a country house will turn on the heating, and will independently choose which mode is most effective right now.

The advantages of ordering in our company

We offer to buy equipment for a country house Smart House in the company SmartHouse. It was we who developed the software for it and carry out all the work on the turnkey installation.

In order for the ultimate cost of the Smart Home system for a country house to be optimal for you, we will take into account all your wishes and together we will select the best option.

How to order a calculation

Going to the section “Calculator” you can make a request. Based on the data provided by you, our company will make a commercial offer, where the approximate price of the Smart House system for a country house will be indicated. And you will get more detailed advice when you contact the specialists of our company.