Water supply automation with Smart home

Along with other features in the Smart House implemented automation of water supply and sanitation. It solves the problem of protecting the home from communal accidents. In addition, this feature allows you to live as comfortably as possible and not waste time on everyday problems.
Water automation will turn your home into the perfect place to live. No need to worry about the strait when you are far from home. Automatic inclusion of water, filling the bathroom with water of the desired temperature at a specified time – such trifles make everyday life much more convenient. There are a lot of opportunities offered by the automation of the drainage system.

Basic functions of a smart water supply:

  • Water quality control. The sensors periodically measure the purity of water, and cleaning filters are responsible for cleaning it.
  • Strait control systems. When a leakage signal is received from the sensor, the system blocks the flow of water. In the protection scenario against leakage of water from the Smart Home, you can also register a notification about the situation that has arisen sent to your phone.
  • Filling the bathroom with water heated to a predetermined temperature and maintaining this temperature.
  • Manage sensory plumbing.
  • Maintaining the desired water level, if the area or in the house has a pool. Such a function can be realized if the automation of water pumping stations is foreseen.
  • Automatic watering according to predefined scenarios depending on soil moisture, time of year and day.
  • Heating can be done in an electric or gas boiler room. Automation of the heating and water supply system allows uninterrupted and efficient operation of the system.

SmartHouse Company Offer

A team of our experienced specialists will help you choose and install equipment to automate the water supply of a private house or apartment. We ourselves develop software for our management complex. Our fifteen-year experience in Ukraine in the field of introducing advanced technologies of intelligent control Smart Home guarantees the high quality of our services.

Water Supply Management in the Smart Home

It is quite simple to follow the indicators and adjust the settings. The set of equipment has an easy-to-use Apple touchscreen panel. Remote operation is available when installing a special program in your smartphone.