Automation of air conditioning and ventilation with the help of Smart home

Automation of ventilation ensures constant coolness, freshness and cleanliness in the home. The one who uses such function of the Smart house, has forgotten what is stuffiness and harmful impurities. Automation of ventilation systems solved this problem forever.

The ideal microclimate in the house is created:

  • Supply air. Her task is to provide access to clean air, with a higher oxygen content.
  • Exhaust – removes polluted air from rooms.
  • Air conditioning.

What does automation of air conditioning and ventilation:

  • Own mode of temperature and ventilation depending on the purpose of the room, time of year and day. When working devices take into account where you need more active airing, for example in the kitchen. The bedrooms provide an influx of coolness in the evening and at night.
  • Clean. The set of automation of ventilation and air conditioning includes sensors that regularly monitor indicators of the concentration of carbon dioxide and harmful impurities. In the case of increasing the value of the sensors give the desired signal, and the hood operates in a more active mode. The complex also includes cleaning filters and devices responsible for ionization and ozonation. With their help, the home is cleared of pathogens.
  • Humidity level. Ideal room humidity is provided by humidifiers (for heated rooms during the cold season) and dehumidifiers used in rooms with high humidity. Monitoring indicators are sensors. Smart ventilation, analyzing the state of the air, can turn on, for example, a humidifier, if the air in one of the bedrooms is too dry.
  • Due to the automation of air conditioning systems, greater comfort is also provided: you can no longer hear noise outside the window, no drafts.

SmartHouse Offers the Best

Experienced specialists of our company will help with the choice of the project, will prompt how to adjust ventilation parameters. You will choose the best scenario to create the perfect microclimate. Our experience in the implementation of intelligent home control solutions is a guarantee of high quality services and system reliability.

Advantages of control with the help of the Smart Home

Simplicity of control is achieved due to the possibility of using both Apple touchscreen panels and smartphones. Automation of air conditioning systems makes it possible to save money while providing a high level of safety and comfort.